How do you remove a weight loss balloon?

How do you remove a weight loss balloon?

How is the gastric balloon removed? Like the gastric balloon insertion, you will be given a mild sedative prior to removing the gastric balloon. Using endoscopic equipment, your gastroenterologist will extract the saline solution from the gastric balloon and then remove the deflated gastric balloon through your mouth.

When can a gastric balloon be removed?

Not Permanent. After the first six months of the weight loss program the stomach balloon is carefully removed and the aftercare program continues.

Can I eat after gastric balloon removal?

It is recommended that three days before the date you are due to have the Gastric Balloon removed you should follow a liquid diet, as you did when it was first placed. Aim for 8 cups of fluid per day (approximately 1½ – 2 litres) and have the drinks at regular intervals throughout the day. Avoid milk / milky drinks.

What happens after Orbera is removed?

From the beginning and six months after ORBERA™ is removed, you will follow a healthy diet and exercise program. You may not lose weight if you do not follow the program. Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. A group of doctors, physiologists, and nutritionists will help you through your journey.

Can I drink alcohol with gastric balloon?

Can I drink alcohol? Although alcohol consumption in moderation will not affect your gastric balloon, it may cause heartburn. It is important to limit as the extra calories won’t help your weight-loss!

Can you eat bread with gastric balloon?

Possible problem foods There may be foods after an intra-gastric balloon insertion that some people find difficult to tolerate and feel like they get ‘stuck’ or may make you sick. These include; firm or dry red and white meat, bread, rice and pasta.

Can a gastric balloon burst?

Balloon rupture (rare) This occurs in less than 1 in 200 gastric balloon placements.

What is the balloon pill?

The “balloon pill” is a controversial device called Obalon. The pill is attached to a catheter that allows doctors to inflate the balloon once the capsule is swallowed. It enters the stomach and quickly and doctors use nitrogen gas to inflate it into a small balloon, making the patient feel full immediately.

How long does Orbera last?

Do not use ORBERA™ for more than 6 months. The balloon is more likely to deflate and cause the bowels to block if it is left in place longer than 6 months.

How does the orbera gastric balloon weight loss plan work?

The ORBERA ® gastric balloon is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, FDA approved program for people who would like to kick start their weight loss. How Does the Weight Loss Balloon work? The gastric balloon is a soft intragastric device that is placed in the stomach for a period of six months. During this time, you will eat smaller meals because the balloon is filling a portion of your stomach. Weight loss results will vary from patient to patient.

How do you remove a gastric balloon?

The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require surgery. The deflated gastric balloon is then placed into the stomach. Once the balloon has been filled, the tube is removed by a gentle pull on the external end and the balloon is left inside the stomach.

How much does a gastric balloon cost?

The cost of Gastric Balloon varies from $2,000 to $13,000 vary based on the balloon used and the location having surgery with an average of about $7,500 in the USA, about $4,000 in Mexico, about $7000 USD in Canada.

Does the orbera balloon work?

ORBERA® gastric balloon helps by taking up room in the stomach and encouraging portion control and reinforcing maintenance ofbetter eating habit behaviors. It’s been shown that the average person loses 3.1x* more weight with ORBERA® than with diet and exercise alone.

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