How do you find out the mayor of Diamond City is a synth?

How do you find out the mayor of Diamond City is a synth?

One can learn that he is a synth after the completion of the main quest line on the side of anyone but the Institute and traveling to Diamond City, starting the quest In Sheep’s Clothing, by being given the side quest Political Leanings from Justin Ayo, or by reading an SRB terminal within the Institute.

What happens if you let Mayor McDonough go?

If the player refuses to allow McDonough to exit the city by either option (kill or trial), he may instigate combat with Piper, but not the player. If this happens and the player engages/kills the mayor, the other NPCs (including Piper and Geneva) will become hostile.

Where is the mayor’s house in Diamond City?

Layout. McDonough’s office is a construction of the southern wall of the stadium, in the upper stands. In the past, it has been the baseball commentary booth.

What happens if you flirt with Hancock?

If spoken to after gaining more than 500 affinity, Hancock refers to the Sole Survivor as his friend. It is then possible to flirt with Hancock, and by passing his Speech challenge he will mention that he has impure thoughts about them, and hints at acting on those thoughts.

What does Mayor McDonough do in Fallout Diamond City?

This character offers miscellaneous services . The first time entering Diamond City, Mayor McDonough will give a speech to a small group of residents in front of the Wall where he proclaims “I am NOT a synth” and shortly after, praises the Wall in response to Piper’s reporting. If Piper is brought into his office, he will shout at her to get out.

Who is the mayor of Diamond City on the sole survivor?

When the Sole Survivor goes to Diamond City, he encounters Piper Wright, and they both trick Danny Sullivan into entering Diamond City. When they both entered, they’re both confronted by Mayor McDonough, who scolds at Piper and welcomes the Sole Survivor into Diamond City.

Who is the mayor of Diamond City in in sheep’s clothing?

A terminal entry in the Synth Retention Bureau shows that Alana Secord had decided to disavow Mayor McDonough as a result of Piper’s article The Synthetic Truth, which identifies Mayor McDonough as a synth. After completing In Sheep’s Clothing, Diamond City residents will occasionally give the Sole Survivor caps, chems, or rarely ammunition.

What did Danny Sullivan do to Mayor McDonough?

Danny Sullivan saw McDonough speaking with a synth, telling him he’s been discarded. After this, McDonough shoots and critically injures Danny, who was running to the elevator. When the Sole Survivor talks to Danny, he/she can either give him a stimpak, have Curie heal him, get a doctor for him, or tell him to “let go.”

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