What happened Joanna Hayes?

What happened Joanna Hayes?

Joanne Hayes was wrongly accused of murdering a baby found with multiple stab wounds 36 years ago on White Strand beach near Cahersiveen in County Kerry. Ms Hayes and her family will now be awarded substantial compensation. The family was not in court.

How old is Joanne Hayes baby?

Those are the words of Joanne Hayes after the Minister for Justice and Garda Commissioner in the High Court expressed “deep and sincere regret” for “the truly appalling hurt and distress” caused to Ms Hayes and her family. The now 60-year-old was wrongly accused of murdering a baby found on a Kerry beach in the 1980s.

How many children has Joanne Hayes?

CHARGED WITH THE MURDER But the baby on the beach had blood type A. Yet, gardai then came up with the astonishing and unfounded theory that Joanne had given birth to two babies, who were twins but had different fathers. This is known as superfecundation and can occur in one in 13,000 twin cases.

Did Joanne Hayes have a baby?

Ms Hayes had given birth to a baby boy, named Shane, on April 13th, 1984, on the family farm, but that child died of natural causes and was buried on the property, counsel said. During the investigation she said she was accused by gardaí of having given birth to twins.

Did Joanna Hayes get compensation?

Joanne Hayes and her family will receive €2.5million in compensation for the suffering they endured during the Kerry Babies scandal 36 years ago. Following months of mediation between lawyers for the Hayes family and the State, a deal has finally been reached.

What happened to the Kerry baby?

On April 14th, 1984, Baby John was found dead on White Strand, outside Cahersiveen. The newborn had been stabbed 28 times and his neck was broken. Gardaí in Dublin were sent to investigate.

Who were the guards involved in the Kerry Babies?

It may have been left there, it may have been washed in from the sea. A jogger found him one Saturday night in April. Garda Sergeant Patrick Reidy and undertaker Thomas Cournane baptised the infant and removed him from the beach.

What happened Baby John?

Baby John was violently murdered 37 years ago and when he was found dead on the rocks at White Strand near Cahersiveen, the tiny infant had 28 stab wounds. Gardaí soon came to believe the baby belonged to 25-year-old Joanne Hayes from Abbeydorney, 80km away, who became the focus of the investigation.

Did Joanne Hayes get compensation?

How many Kerry babies were there?

two infants
And in Kerry, starting in April 1984, a tragic, disturbing series of events centred on the bodies of two infants would become known as the Kerry Babies Case and raise fundamental questions about the treatment of women in Irish society. Two dead newborn babies were found in Kerry in April 1984.

Why was Baby John exhumed?

Three years after opening a fresh investigation into the murder of the unidentified child known as “Baby John”, gardaí in Kerry have exhumed the infant’s remains for the purposes of obtaining a DNA sample.

How much did Joanna Hayes get?

Months of mediation over a settlement has been finalised, with the Kerry Eye newspaper reporting Ms Hayes will receive €1.5 million, while her three siblings will each get €300,000. Ms Hayes’ daughter, Ms McGuckin, who was a toddler at the time of the scandal, is to get a reported €100,000.

Why did Joanne Hayes break 20 year silence?

JOANNE Hayes has broken a 20-year silence to write personally to journalist and author Nell McCafferty, pleading with her not to allow her book on the massively controversial Kerry Babies Tribunal to be used as the basis for a probing film.

When did Joanna Hayes get charged with murder?

Hayes remained implacable when she was interviewed again on October 29, 2009, but nearly eight months after the crime, Hayes was arrested and charged with murder in December 2009. The trial began on May 4, 2011 and prosecutors had no murder weapon or even the wig Hayes supposedly wore.

What did Joanna Hayes do as an alibi?

When questioned by police, though, Hayes produced a receipt from a snack bar miles from the mall in another county as an alibi. It appeared to be on the up and up. But when investigators dug deeper into Hayes’ background, they learned that she was determined to remain a daily part of Carson’s life.

How did Nell McCafferty and Joanne Hayes meet?

But Joanne’s plea to Nell McCafferty will prove fruitless as Ms McCafferty sold the film rights to her book – ‘A Woman to Blame’ – five years ago. In a hand-written letter, dated May 25, Joanne reminds Ms McCafferty how they had met during the Kerry Babies Tribunal in Tralee.

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