How good are Kamaz trucks?

How good are Kamaz trucks?

Considered by many as one of the strongest trucks in the world, KAMAZ not only carries cargo. It’s an indispensable helper for the military and police, while also being a multiple champion of the DAKAR rally.

What does Kamaz stand for?

a factory
KAMAZ is a portmanteau which stands for a factory on the Kama River. KAMAZ was founded in 1969. Today, heavy duty models are exported to many areas of the world including the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

What engines do Kamaz trucks use?

The Kamaz’s 13-litre Dongfeng Cummins engine runs on diesel, and it can drink up to 200 litres of fuel per 100km when pushed to its maximum. It’s enough to necessitate a truly massive 1,000 litre fuel tank, which is situated over the rear wheels to help achieve that perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

How much torque does a Kamaz truck have?

In the race configuration developed by Kamaz and Liebherr, a maximum output of 720 kW or 965 HP is achieved alongside a maximum torque of 4000 Nm. The engine has a common rail injection system from Liebherr and a displacement of 16.2 litres. The 8.9 ton trucks can reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h for racing.

Is the Kamaz race truck four wheel drive?

A machine weighing the best part of 10 tons, with a huge amount of power and set to tackle the world’s most demanding terrain needs every bit of help it can get when it comes to traction, so it’s little surprise to see that the Kamaz Master truck is four-wheel drive. The Kamaz truck has one heck of an impressive record at the Dakar.

How many times has Kamaz won the Dakar Rally?

And Kamaz should know: they’ve won the Dakar rally 16 times in the truck category. Built by Russian truckmaker Kamaz, the Dakar-version is based on the Kamaz-4326 chassis but specially modified with bigger brakes, off-road tires, enormous suspension, and a rear spoiler.

Who is the winner of the Dakar Truck race?

The Kamaz truck has one heck of an impressive record at the Dakar. Nikolaev has won the truck category for the past three years running, and Kamaz has an overall record of 16 wins at the Dakar – more than any other manufacturer.

How much horsepower does a Kamaz Dakar truck have?

Power is rated at 980 horses. A 16-speed automatic ZF transmission provides power to all four wheels, allowing it to reach speeds of over 100 mph. The back is mostly a giant 1,000-liter fuel tank so that the rig doesn’t run out of gas halfway into the Sahara.

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