What is Math 1214?

What is Math 1214?

An introduction to differential and integral calculus for students needing extra algebra or trigonometry content. Emphasizes differential calculus along with linear, polynomial, rational, and radical functions and equations. Math 1210 and 1211 combined cover the same calculus content as Math 1214.

What is Math 1314 College Algebra?

Course Title: College Algebra Course Description: This course is an in-depth study and applications of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, and systems of equations using matrices. Additional topics such as sequences, series, probability, and conics may be included.

What does math 118 consist of?

This course is designed to fulfill general education requirements. It is not designed as a prerequisite for any other college mathematics course. This course focuses on mathematical reasoning and solving of real-life problems.

How many hours is math 1314?

It includes the concepts of geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking. (3 Lec.) MATH 1414 is a 4 credit hour lecture course. MATH 1314 is a 3 credit hour lecture course.

Is algebra 2 and college algebra the same?

Neither College Algebra nor any other college course has been approved as an equivalent of Algebra II/Advanced Algebra. Algebra II or Advanced Algebra is required for high school graduation.

What Fnmt 118?

FNMT 118 – Intermediate Algebra.

What is general education for college?

General Education is the first part of a degree, before you get into the Area of Study courses (the main classes that define your degree) or top off the degree with Free Electives. Basically, General Education (or Gen Ed for short) is required curriculum that makes up the foundation of an undergraduate degree.

Is Algebra 2 the same as intermediate algebra?

Algebra II, or intermediate algebra, has a prerequisite of Algebra I. Intermediate algebra is not a transfer level course, since it does not transfer for college credit at the CSU or UC. It is considered college level at the community college since it meets associate degree minimum requirements.

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