How would you describe Erin Gruwell?

How would you describe Erin Gruwell?

dedicated, passionate, and headstrong. Erin is much tougher than she looks. And she’ll need to be, if she wants to succeed – and help her students succeed – at Woodrow Wilson High School.

What is the best characteristic of teacher Erin Gruwell do you really like the most and why?

Gruwell showed heroic traits as well, she stayed optimistic and never gave up through the negativity from the students in her class. She was committed into creating a place for them so they feel comfortable and are able to create strong bonds between each other.

How is Erin Gruwell a hero?

Erin Gruwell is a hero because she did the unexpected, changed the ways of teaching and made a class of “taggers”, “gangbangers”, and “unteachable” students, to people who care about what goes on in their lives by using determination to get them to see the world differently.

What characteristics make Mrs gruwell a good teacher?

This passionate, idealistic teacher uses her belief in equal opportunities for all to help a group of at-risk students learn to trust in themselves and work hard to achieve their own success.

What kind of teacher was Erin Gruwell?

Erin Gruwell (born August 15, 1969) is an American teacher known for her unique teaching method, which led to the publication of The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them (1999).

Why does erins father have a problem with her career choice?

How does this change towards the end? In the beginning Erin’s father didn’t really supported her in her choice to be a teacher. Especially not in this area because the kids here are known for being troublemakers and not really care for their education. He wanted her to be a loyer.

What characteristics make MS gruwell a special teacher?

What profession did Erin Gruwell consider before she became a teacher?

Erin originally intended to go to law school to become a lawyer rather than a teacher. After watching the 1992 Los Angeles riots on news coverage, she decided to change her profession to a teacher because she believed educating students could make more of a difference.

What event caused Erin Gruwell to throw out her meticulously planned curriculum?

I asked, “How many of you have heard of the Holocaust?” Not a single person raised his hand. Then I asked, “How many of you have been shot at?” Nearly every hand went up. I immediately decided to throw out my meticulously planned lessons and make tolerance the core of my curriculum.

Who is Erin Gruwell and what did she do?

Erin Gruwell, best known for being a Teacher, was born in California, United States on Friday, August 15, 1969. Inspirational teacher who motivated her low-performing students by encouraging them to fill journals with their thoughts. Family: She was married to Scott Casey.

When did Erin Gruwell leave Wilson High School?

In 1998, after teaching for only four years, Gruwell left Wilson High School and became a Distinguished Teacher in Residence at California State University, Long Beach. Gruwell later went on to start the Freedom Writers Foundation, which aspires to spread the Freedom Writers method across the country.

Why did Erin Gruwell write the toast for change?

Writing journals became a solace for many of the students, and because the journals were shared anonymously, teenagers who once refused to speak to someone of a different race became like a family. In the fall of 1995, Gruwell gave each of her students a bag full of new books and had them make a toast for change.

Who are the parents of Erin Gruwell of the Angels?

Gruwell was born in California to Stephen Douglas Gruwell (died 2003 in West Covina, California), a former baseball scout for the Anaheim Angels, and Sandra Faye Alley. Her parents divorced when she was still a young girl.

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