What does evil Magma peas like?

What does evil Magma peas like?

The easy garden will take only 2 more slots and it’s much easier. Evil Magma Peas have four likes: garden gnomes, pixies, Boom Shrooms, and the Djembe Drum.

What do evil snow peas like?

Seeds that “Like” me: Bell Pepper. Boiled Peanuts.

Whats better evil Magma peas or couch potatoes?

Couch Potatoes are easier to farm than EMP but Evil Magma Peas have a different variety of mega snacks. Evil Magma Peas also reach elder one day faster than CP if all it’s’ likes are met. Not to mention they only require a medium plot.

Who drops evil Magma peas In wizard101?

When i want to farm Evil magma peas i always go for Bumbai Rebel Warriors in yakhal mountain ( Mirage ) or secret tunnel in Aeriel Jungle ( Empyrea ) it drops couch potatoes and evil magma peas too and not to mention the really good jewels you can get from there.

Who drops pink dandelions in wizard101?

Barbarous Van Der Borst (Tier 1) Baron Mordecai.

What do maelstrom Snap Dragons like?

Seeds that “Like” me: Alligator Pear Tree. Dandelion.

Do evil snow peas drop Mega snacks?

They always drop a seed and rank 9 mega snack at elder. I have several likes around my EMPs so they only take a four to five days to go from seed to elder.

Do evil Magma peas give Mega snacks?

Either Couch Potatoes or Evil Magma Peas will work. They each drop one mega snack at Elder. EMPs drop a Cherry tomato, Mystic Dragon Fruit, Captain Canteloupe, Golden Wheat Bread, or Fancy Yogurt; Couch potatoes only drop Captain Canteloupe, Golden Wheat Bread and Fancy Yogurt.

Who drops couch potatoes in wizard101?

Beastman. Beastman Guard (Storm, Rank 15, H2415) Beastman Guard (Storm, Rank 15, H2630) Binny Jezzerit.

Can you plant evil magma peas near stinkweed?

Be wary of planting these seeds near stinkweed, as their presence will reduce the growth rate of the magma peas by roughly 25% (though this CAN be counteracted by placing liked objects and plants nearby). Evil Magma Peas do enjoy the presence of a few other plants, including Boom Shrooms, Fiery Boom Shrooms, and Ultra Boom Shrooms.

How to discuss evil magma peas on wiki?

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How many NPCs drop magma peas in RuneScape?

If you are looking to farm, there are roughly 154 reported NPCs that drop them, with the most common being: Regardless of if you are growing them for drops or simply to level up your gardening skill, Magma Peas are definitely an easy addition to the garden that are guaranteed to spruce up the look of it.

Where do you get egg baskets for magma peas?

In addition, there are a few housing items you can place around to boost your plant’s progress. Magma peas enjoy egg baskets, Djembe drums, and like most other plants—tropical garden gnomes. Egg baskets are an initiate crafting recipe, though they can occasionally be found at the Bazaar, or as drops from other Magma Peas.

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