What is perirenal fascia?

What is perirenal fascia?

The perirenal fascia is a dense, elastic connective tissue sheath that envelops each kidney and adrenal gland together with a layer of surrounding perirenal fat forming the perirenal space.

What does the perirenal space include?

The perirenal space is the largest of the three divisions of the retroperitoneum and is the most easily identified. It contains the kidneys, renal vessels, proximal collecting systems, adrenal glands and an adequate amount of fat to allow identification on CT scanning.

What is renal fascia composed of?

Anatomical reports have described the renal fascia as a membranous structure consisting of fibrous connective tissue covering the kidney and perirenal fat, as well as the ipsilateral ureter, the adrenal gland, and gonadal vessels from the anterior and posterior aspects in the retroperitoneum.

What is the perirenal fat capsule?

perirenal fat. The adipose capsule of kidney (or perinephric fat or perirenal fat) is a structure between the renal fascia and renal capsule, and may be regarded as a part of the latter. A different structure, the pararenal fat, is the adipose tissue superficial to the renal fascia.

What is the function of perirenal fascia?

The renal fascia, commonly known as Gerota’s fascia, is a collagenous connective tissue sheath which separates the perirenal fat from the pararenal fat. It may be visualized radiographically and is helpful in the precise localization of abdominal masses.

What is the importance of the perirenal and Pararenal fat?

Perirenal and pararenal fat capsules surround the kidneys and the thickness of these specific fat deposits is an independent predictor of chronic kidney disease in type-2 diabetes patients.

What is the fascia Transversalis?

The transversalis fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue lining most of the abdominal cavity between the posterior surface of the transversus abdominis and superficial to the extraperitoneal fat and peritoneum.

What is Perirenal?

Medical Definition of perirenal : of, relating to, occurring in, or being the tissues surrounding the kidney a perirenal abscess.

What is perirenal fat and what is its function?

What is the purpose of the perirenal fat capsule? It’s the fatty cushion that prevents kidney from being damaged or even rupturing due to trauma/injuries.

What is the importance of the perirenal fat capsule?

What is the importance of the perirenal fat capsule that surrounds the kidney? Perinephric fat, also known as perirenal fat or the adipose capsule of the kidney, is a layer of fatty material that surrounds the kidneys. It plays an important role because it helps to cushion and protect the kidneys.

What is the role of perirenal fat?

Based on these anatomical features, perirenal fat regulates the cardiovascular system presumably via neural reflex, adipokine secretion, and fat-kidney interaction. These new insights suggest that perirenal fat may constitute a promising target for CVD management.

Is fascia Transversalis a deep fascia?

The Terminologia Anatomica separes the fascia of abdomen in different structures, but this division remains unclear and widely discussed by different authors : Transversalis fascia is the inner epimysium of transversus abdominis muscle; no separate deep investing fascia exists.

What is the structure of the perirenal fascia?

The perirenal fascia is a dense, elastic connective tissue sheath that envelops each kidney and adrenal gland together with a layer of surrounding perirenal fat forming the perirenal space. It is a multi-laminated structure which is fused posteromedially with the muscular fasciae of the psoas and quadratus lumborum muscles.

Where are the pararenal and perirenal spaces located?

1. The anterior pararenal space extends from the posterior parietal peritoneum to the anterior renal fascia. Significantly, it is confined laterally by the lateroconal fascia. 2. The perirenal space encompasses the kidney and its investing fat.

Is the perirenal space a retroperitoneal or neoplastic space?

The perirenal space is a retroperitoneal space that is limited anteriorly by the anterior renal fascia (Gerota fascia) and posteriorly by the posterior renal fascia (Zuckerkandl fascia). These two fasciae fuse to form the lateroconal fascia laterally and blend loosely with the periureteric connective tissue medially (, 1,, 2 ).

Where are the perirenal tumors located in the body?

Perirenal tumors and pseudotumors The perirenal space, located between the anterior and the posterior renal fasciae, is shaped like an inverted cone with an apex that extends into the iliac fossa. Perirenal tumors and pseudotumors

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