How do I check my Sunlife contribution?

How do I check my Sunlife contribution?

Sign in to Under Investments, click my financial centre. Under Quick links, choose Balances.

Does Sunlife cover eyeglasses?

Our vision insurance plans are designed to help keep employees’ eyes healthy so they can stay productive at work and in life. Coverage can include savings on eye exams, eyewear, and discounts on laser vision correction.

How do you claim drugs on Sunlife?

Go to to:

  1. Submit your claims online for vision, paramedical and dental claims, if applicable.
  2. Get your claim payments deposited into your bank account.
  3. Print your claim forms.
  4. View your coverage details and claim history.
  5. Find out if a drug is eligible (available on Health Coverage Choice)

Does Sunlife cover Covid 19 test?

COVID-19 is not a covered illness. We’ll continue to cover Clients who suffer a covered critical illness after contracting COVID-19.

How can I register Sun Life to BDO?

Via BDO Online:

  1. Log in to your BDO Online account. To access your account, click here.
  2. Select Pay bills and Reload > Enrollment > Company Biller > Enroll.
  3. Select Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc.
  4. Fill out the form with the following:
  5. Click Submit button and wait until you see the confirmation page.

How do I pay my Sun Life via GCash?

Pay Sun Life Premiums via GCash

  1. Launch the GCash App.
  2. Choose Insurance. Then choose the most appropriate biller category, which is insurance.
  3. Click Sun Life of Canada Phils.
  4. Fill-out the Form.
  5. Payment Confirmation. Click the confirm button to proceed in paying your premiums thru GCash.

Is clearly a licensed optician?

Opticians. Our fully-licensed opticians are on site to answer any questions you have about eyewear, as well as help you find the perfect fit for your glasses or provide your contact lenses.

Is PCR covered by insurance?

Generally, all patients are entitled to receive a no cost PCR Covid-19 Test (NOT RAPID TEST), following a no cost telemedicine consultation, as most insurance companies have waived all deductible and copay costs.

Can I pay my Sun Life late?

Payment for your life insurance policy or “premium“ must be made on or before the due date as shown in the policy contract. If you are not able to pay on your due date, you may still pay for your premium within the 31-day grace period to avoid lapsation. You will receive notices to remind you of your payment.

What is my Sun Life account number?

You’ll find your account number on the statement you received from Sun Life. If you haven’t received your account number, please contact the person who manages your plan.

Is there a beta version of Sun Life Financial?

Note: Beta or test versions of browsers are not supported. If you need further assistance, please call 1-877-521-8805. For more information about what we do and what you can do to ensure the security of your information throughout this website, please refer to our Security policy. You are on a Sun Life Financial website.

Is there Sun Life Assurance Company in Canada?

You are on a Sun Life Financial website. Please refer to the legal , privacy and security pages for information on the use of this site. offered by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.

How often do you pay Sun Life Direct?

Payment frequency has changed to once a month. Refer to the FAQs for details. Use the direct deposit registration form to register. Simplify the work of managing your dental practice with Sun Life Direct. Focus on what you care about most: your patients.

Where do I go to sign up for Sun Life?

Go to to access your sign in page or try again later. If you can’t find your sign in page, go to for more options. Rendez-vous sur pour accéder à votre page d’ouverture de session, ou réessayez plus tard.

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