How much is a Springfield XD Mod 2 45?

How much is a Springfield XD Mod 2 45?

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PRICE $539.99
Barrel Length 3.3in
Finish Black
Grips Black Textured Grip Zone
Sights Fiber Optic Front / Low Profile Combat Rear

What is a XDm 45?

45 ACP Handgun. 45 ACP is an exceptional large-bore striker-fired polymer-framed defensive handgun. Featuring three distinct safety systems along with a crisp smooth trigger sporting a remarkably abbreviated reset, this is the rugged defensive tool that shoots like a target pistol.

How much is a Springfield mod 2?

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PRICE $499.99
Sights Fiber Optic Front / Low Profile Combat Rear
Weight 26oz
Cartridge 9mm Luger
Frame Size Compact

How much is a XDM?

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PRICE $559.99
Action Pistol
Capacity 19+1
Barrel Length 4.5in
Finish Black

What is Springfield XD?

The Springfield Armory XD, also known as the HS 2000, is a polymer-framed, short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol introduced in 1999 by Springfield Armory, though it was originally designed by HS Produkt .

What is a XD firearm?

XD is specified as a semi-automatic hand held gun. And like most semi-automatic guns, this uses a magazine located inside the hand grip. XD means extreme duty and has variations including compact, service, tactical, and XDM.

What is XD 45?

45acp is the caliber of the ammo used by the pistol. The XD-45 Service is one of the four XD models offered in that caliber. 5″ models have a separate spring and guide rod with variable aftermarket spring weights available. full size grip uses 13 rnd magazines only .

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