What bad things did Lachlan Macquarie do?

What bad things did Lachlan Macquarie do?

In April 1816, Macquarie ordered soldiers under his command to kill or capture any Aboriginal people they encountered during a military operation aimed at creating a sense of “terror”. At least 14 men, women and children were brutally killed, some shot, others driven over a cliff.

Did Lachlan Macquarie marry his sister?

Elizabeth (Betty) Macquarie, the sister of Lachlan Macquarie, married Farquhar Maclaine in 1771.

Was Lachlan Macquarie married?

Elizabeth Macquariem. 1807
Jane Jarvism. 1793
Lachlan Macquarie/Spouse

Did Governor Lachlan Macquarie have syphilis?

All good fathers love their families. Macquarie also believed in “family values” and did not let his contracting syphilis between marriages stand in the way of a good old-fashioned morals crusade after being sworn in as governor of New South Wales.

Where is Macquarie buried?

Macquarie was buried on the Isle of Mull in a mausoleum near Salen with his wife, daughter and son. The grave is maintained by the National Trust of Australia and is inscribed “The Father of Australia”.

Who is Lachlan Macquarie married to?

Did Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie have children?

She played a significant role in the establishment of the colony and is recognised in the naming of many Australian landmarks including Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and Elizabeth Street, Hobart….

Elizabeth Macquarie
Children Jane (15 September – 5 December 1808) Lachlan (March 28, 1814 – May 1845)

Where did Lachlan Macquarie go to school?

The Royal High School
Lachlan Macquarie/Education

Macquarie left the island at the age of 14. If he did attend the Royal High School of Edinburgh, “as tradition has it”, it was only for a very brief period because, at the same age, he volunteered for the army.

Did Lachlan Macquarie have any children?

Lachlan Macquarrie
Jane MacquarieLachlan Macquarie
Lachlan Macquarie/Children

What is Lachlan Macquarie famous for?

Lachlan Macquarie, (born January 31, 1761, Ulva, Argyllshire, Scotland—died July 1, 1824, London, England), early governor of New South Wales, Australia (1810–21), who expanded opportunities for Emancipists (freed convicts) and established a balance of power with the Exclusionists (large landowners and sheep farmers).

What is Lachlan Macquarie full name?

Major General Lachlan Macquarie, CB (/məˈkwɒrɪ/; Scottish Gaelic: Lachann MacGuaire; 31 January 1762 – 1 July 1824) was a British Army officer and colonial administrator from Scotland.

Who was Lachlan Macquarie wife?

Lachlan Macquarie/Wife

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