How long is the walk around Box Hill?

How long is the walk around Box Hill?

eight miles
The Box Hill Hike This demanding circular hike is eight miles long. It should take around four hours but allow extra time for rest stops and lunch. The ground is rough in places with slippery slopes and rough paths – the views at the top of the climbs are well worth it.

Where does the Box Hill hike start?

The start point: Box Hill Visitors Centre At the Visitors Centre there is a kiosk where you can buy snacks and drinks for your hike. There’s also a water refilling station and toilets here too – I recommend going before you head off.

How many steps is Box Hill?

275 steps
There are 275 steps to the bottom – take care as they can be slippery sometimes. Continue along this path; on the left you’ll catch glimpses of the river Mole.

Can you walk up Box Hill?

This walk is an eight mile circular walk, with steep climbs, descents into deep valleys and many steps. It covers much of the Box Hill estate and passes some wonderful viewpoints and pubs to enjoy a refreshing drink or lunch.

Do you need hiking boots for Box Hill?

This is a truly wonderful hike of approximately 10 miles which starts from opposite the cafe at the top of Box Hill. Proper walking boots are advised and also I would not do this hike without my trusty walking poles. At one point, there are 200 steep steps to climb and the poles are a godsend.

Where do you park for Box Hill Walk?

For this Stepping Stones and River Mole Walk I suggest parking at the top of Box Hill, coming down the hill via Salomon’s Memorial and once you reach the river using the Stepping Stones to cross it. From here, follow the river to your right, until you come to a gate and then enter Burford Meadow.

Can you walk the River Mole?

The River Mole runs through lots of Surrey towns and villages and it’s a lovely place to go for a walk any time of the year. There is no access to the iconic bridge as it’s on private land but it can be viewed from a public footpath on the opposite bank of the river, off Thorncroft Drive.

What is the postcode for Box Hill?

Box Hill/Postal codes

Is Box Hill a hard climb?

It is a challenging climb, but also manageable enough for just about everyone to ‘enjoy’ going up Box hill – even if you’re on a Brompton foldup.

Is Box Hill open to the public?

Opening times: Daily from dawn until dusk. Address: The Old Fort, Box Hill Road, Tadworth, KT20 7LB.

Why is Box Hill called Box Hill?

Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey, approximately 31 km (19 mi) south-west of London. The hill gets its name from the ancient box woodland found on the steepest west-facing chalk slopes overlooking the River Mole.

Where do you start the Box Hill Walk?

This walk starts at the lovely Victorian station of Box Hill and Westhumble and then climbs up to the peak of Box Hill following the way-marked Stepping Stones path. Enjoy the stunning and famous views before coming down and crossing the River Mole.

How long is the walk from Westhumble to Box Hill?

This easy two-mile level walk is great for adventurous toddlers. After rain the pathway can be very muddy – please wear appropriate footwear. This walk starts at the lovely Victorian station of Box Hill and Westhumble and then climbs up to the peak of Box Hill following the way-marked Stepping Stones path.

Where are the waymarked trails on Box Hill?

Follow the waymarked trails south and then west past the Swiss Cottage, the former home of John Logie Baird, the inventor of television. One of his earliest transmissions was from the top of Box Hill. After passing the cottage you pick up a riverside trail along the River Mole.

What to do at Box Hill in Surrey?

Take in some of Surrey’s finest views and marvel at the hidden history of Box Hill. A glorious woodland walk, with magnificent views and a pub stop at The Running Horses on the way round.

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