Are you allowed to draw blood from a patient that has had a mastectomy?

Are you allowed to draw blood from a patient that has had a mastectomy?

Venipuncture is prohibited in the arm and hand adjacent to a mastectomy site. Surgical mastec- tomy procedures often include the removal of lymph nodes located proximal to the patient’s breast.

Do you keep your nipples after a preventative mastectomy?

When treating breast cancer with a mastectomy, the nipple is typically removed along with the rest of the breast. (Some women might be able to have a nipple-sparing mastectomy, where the nipple is left in place.

What should I pack in my hospital bag for a mastectomy?

What to Bring to the Hospital

  • Personal items, such as a toothbrush, toiletries, pillow, earplugs.
  • Slippers and extra socks.
  • Music player and headphones as well as your favorite music, books on tape, etc.
  • Bathrobe that opens in the front, a sweater with buttons or a zipper.
  • Light reading.
  • List of important telephone numbers.

Can you put an IV on the same side as a mastectomy?

IVs: It is recommended that IVs are placed in the arm on the opposite side of your surgery, if possible. There is not good research to show that IVs contribute to lymphedema, however there is research showing that development of an infection (cellulitis) can contribute to lymphedema.

Does the length of time after a mastectomy make any difference?

If you’re having both breasts removed (a double mastectomy), expect to spend more time in surgery and possibly an additional day in the hospital. If you’re having breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, the procedure also takes longer and you may stay in the hospital for a few additional days.

How can I improve my body image after a mastectomy?

Accepting your new body will take time but it can happen. Using a breast prosthesis or having reconstruction can often improve self-image. You’re better able to fit into your clothes and it can help you feel more like your old self.

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