How do I set my Samsung AC to cool?

How do I set my Samsung AC to cool?

Press the Mode button and select Cool. Step 2. After selecting Cool mode, you can also select the desired function, temperature, and fan speed as well. To cool more quickly, select a lower temperature and a faster fan speed.

What is cool mode in Samsung AC?

Cool. – In Cool mode, the air conditioner will cool your room. You can adjust the temperature and. the fan speed to feel cooler in hot season.

How do you use AC remote to cool?

How to use the remote control in a window air-conditioner

  1. To start using the air conditioner, press power ON/OFF button.
  2. Press Mode button to set COOL.
  3. The functions of each button on the remote control.

What is Samsung 2 Step AC?

t 2-Step Cooling mode sets the air conditioner to operate in Fast + Cool mode when set temperature is lower than indoor temperature, and then the air conditioner will automatically operate in Dry mode when indoor temperature reaches set temperature.

On which mode AC gives best cooling?

“Cool mode” should be used during hot and dry seasons, while the aircon “dry mode” is more appropriate for humid seasons that aren’t necessary hot and warm in temperature. Utilizing dry mode more often is also better for the environment.

What is 2 Step mode in Samsung AC?

The 2-Step Cooling Mode begins cooling the air fast using its Fast Cool mode. It then automatically changes to Comfort Cool mode to maintain the desired temperature, so don’t have to keep changing the settings.

How to operate the remote control of Samsung AC?

Please follow the steps below on how to use the AC Remote Control. 1 Point the remote controller towards the RC reciever of the indoor unit. 2 When you properly pres the button on the remote control, you will hear a beep sound from the indoor unit and a transmit indicator appears on th RC’s display. Please familiarize the AC Remote Control button.

How to operate the a / C without the use of its remote control?

How to operate the A/C without the use of its remote control? Power button of airconditioning units can be found near the display panel or inside of the front cover. The location of the power button depends on the model. You may still refer the details in the user manual of its location.

When to use Auto mode on Samsung air conditioner?

If Wi-Fi is not available/supported, Auto mode is automatically activated instead of AI Auto mode. When the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, the air conditioner automatically produces cool air. When the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, the air conditioner automatically produces warm air.

What are the features of a Samsung air conditioner?

Samsung Air Conditioners allows you to use power smart features to help you stay comfortable at any time during the day or night. Choose from options like Auto Mode, Heat Mode, Cool Mode and many more. All you need to do is set it and relax.

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