How do you focus the Oculory?

How do you focus the Oculory?

At the Oculory[edit] Insert the Crystal into the gap at the bottom of the large ring. Stand as shown (photo), and place the crystal by activating the “Dwarven Armillary”. When you have done so, the ring will rotate so that the focusing crystal is positioned at the top. Your objective will become to “Focus the Oculory”.

Where is Mirabelle Ervine containment?

the Hall of the Elements
A Plague on Winterhold After the explosion, Mirabelle Ervine can be found sitting by one of the columns in the Hall of the Elements.

Where is the focusing crystal in Mzulft?

The Focusing Crystal can be found in the inventory of a Falmer. It can be easy to overlook the enemies that you kill and cause confusion in the quest “Revealing the Unseen” when you are unable to locate the crystal.

Where is the mzulft aedrome in Skyrim?

Mzulft Aedrome A few more Falmer (×4), a chaurus, and a Dwarven Centurion stand in the way of the Dragonborn in this part of the complex where the Oculory is located. It is a form of magical telescope that will show the locations of all artefacts of great magical power in Skyrim.

How to solve the mzulft oculory puzzle in Skyrim?

The hero then must solve the Mzulft Oculory Puzzle and get Paratus Decimius to talk and reveal the location of the Staff of Magnus. First insert the focusing crystal into the Oculory Machine in the center and use the controls to activate the light.

Where to find mzulft in the Elder Scrolls?

Mzulft is a large Dwarven ruin south-southeast of Windhelm, along the main road between Windhelm and Riften. Access to virtually all of the three-zoned main ruin is blocked by a locked door (which cannot be picked) until you begin the College of Winterhold quest Revealing the Unseen.

How do you move light in Skyrim puzzle?

Blast the center with both spells to move the light. The light needs to be in the center of each of the 3 rings spread around the room. It takes about 4 short blasts to get them into position.Each of the beams of light should be at an approximate 45 degree angle.

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