How do you get Aisha in Ogre Battle 64?

How do you get Aisha in Ogre Battle 64?

Aisha can be found on the Island Avalon stage. To recruit: Liberate the hidden Roshian Temple in the middle of the map. Answer Aisha’s question with “Yes.”

Is Ogre Battle 64 rare?

Ogre Battle 64 isn’t just rare, it’s widely regarded as one of the best tactical RPGs on the system.

How do I recruit debonair?

Debonair. How to recruit: Defeat the stage boss Gares. If you have recruited Norn then you will get the option to recruit him. In the following dialogue answer “Yes” to recruit Debonair.

What do you get in Ogre Battle 64?

For a list of weapons that appear in this game, see Ogre Battle 64 Weapons. For a list of shields, accessories, headgear and body armor, see Ogre Battle 64 Equipment . Leaf of a curative herb that restores 100HP to a character.

Where to find Hawkmen in Ogre Battle 64?

To find out what you can find, enter the Stronghold you start the area in. When you enter, Hugo the Tactician will give you some info on characters in the area. One thing you can always find wherever you are is Hawkmen and their upgraded classes. You can always find these on roads in an area.

How to lower character alignment in Ogre Battle 64?

Use an Urn of Chaos on a character. (doesn’t do that much, though) Arrange low Alignment characters together. Probably the best way to lower a specific character’s Alignment is to make a unit with a bunch of Undead and make that character the leader. Fight some Neutral Encounters and watch the Ali. fall…

How often does the interrupt meter fill in Ogre Battle 64?

A: The Interrupt Meter at the top of the screen has to fill three times. Usually, the battle will start with the Interrupt Meter filled once. You won’t be able to use Elem Pedra too much early in the game, because battles won’t take a very long time.

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