Does Fall Creek Falls have tent camping?

Does Fall Creek Falls have tent camping?

Here at Fall Creek Falls we have a group campsite area called the “Eli Field”. The Eli Field is a camping area in the Park about as large as a football field divided into 4 individual group-camping tent sites. Each site has a water spigot, a couple of charcoal grills, and enough room for probably 75 people per site.

Can you drink alcohol at Fall Creek Falls?

Except in facilities that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, the public display of any container of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcoholic beverages within state park areas that are open to the general public is prohibited.

How much is it to go to Fall Creek Falls?

Age 62 and over

In Season | Weekdays 18 Holes: $30.00 plus tax 9 Holes: $17.00 plus tax
In Season | Weekends | Holidays 18 Holes: $40.00 plus tax 9 Holes: $22.00 plus tax
Out of Season | Weekdays | Weekends 18 Holes: $30.00 plus tax 9 Holes: $17.00 plus tax

Is Fall Creek Falls free?

Rock climbing at Fall Creek Falls State Park is by registration only. Registration is free and available at Park Headquarters in the Taft Village Area and online.

Can you cliff jump at Fall Creek Falls?

The Fall Creek Falls swimming area is a large pool of water near the campground. You will see many people here during hot southern days. There is a small beach adjacent to it where parents can watch the kids have fun. Here you can play directly underneath the waterfall and jump off the rock cliffs into the cool water.

Are there bears in Fall Creek Falls?

They have no bears at Fall Creek, but there were almost always dear around.

Is it illegal to collect driftwood in Tennessee?

(3) Gathering or collecting for personal use reasonable quantities of natural products of a renewable nature including but not limited to fruits, berries, and driftwood is permitted; however, the gathering or collecting of such products for the purpose of commercial sale or other commercial use is prohibited.

Are there bears at Fall Creek Falls?

What movie was filmed at Fall Creek Falls?

Fall Creek Falls State Park was used as one of the primary filming locations for 20th Century Fox’s fantasy adventure film Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Disney’s live action film adaptation of The Jungle Book and the comic science fiction film Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam, starring Jim Varney.

Can you swim in the waterfall at Fall Creek Falls?

The Fall Creek Falls swimming area is a large pool of water near the campground. The crystal-clear water is beautiful and refreshing. Another favorite spot is the Cascade Waterfall swimming area. This is close the Betty Dunn Nature Center.

Can you swim in the Fall Creek Falls?

The pool at Fall Creek Falls is closed for the 2021 summer season in the interest of public health and staff safety. During the summer, the Olympic-sized is open seven days a week. A children’s wading pool, modern bathhouses, and a snack bar are available.

Where to camp at Fall Creek Falls TN?

Camping at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Fall Creek Falls offers over 200 campsites located throughout five different areas. The park also offers 16 backcountry sites for the more adventurous campers. The park also manages Virgin Falls State Natural Area which has 14 campsites divided into four areas: Martha’s Pretty Point, Cable Crossing,…

Where to Camp above Virgin Falls in TN?

Camping is not allowed above the Virgin Falls waterfall. Most sites are limited to 4 adults and 2 children. Virgin Falls State Natural Area is located 45 minutes North of Fall Creek Falls State Park. Access and Parking for the backcountry camping trail are located at 2080 Scotts Gulf Road in Sparta, TN. Click the Reserve Campsite button below.

How tall is Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee?

Fall Creek Falls, at 256 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States. Other waterfalls within the park include Piney Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Cane Creek Cascades. READ MORE.

Is the Virgin Falls Falls part of Fall Creek Falls?

Although Virgin Falls SNA is managed by Fall Creek Falls it is not physically part of the park. For more information about the Virgin Falls State Natural Area, please visit the Virgin Falls website. **The distance to Virgin Falls Waterfall is four miles one way.

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