Where is the Visual Studio project directory?

Where is the Visual Studio project directory?

When you create a new project, Visual Studio saves it to its default location, %USERPROFILE%\source\repos. To change this location, go to Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > Locations. For more information, see Options dialog box: Projects and Solutions > Locations.

What is output directory?

The Output Directory—Applies to both synthesis and simulation generation. By default, the path of the generation output directory is fixed relative to the . qsys file. Clear output directories for selected generation targets—Removes all the old generated files before regenerating the new files. …

Where is the output directory in Visual Studio?

1 Answer. So by default, output binaries will be created in: Path\To\Your\Solution\[Configuration]\. Configuration can be something like “Debug” or “Release”.

Where is additional include directories?

Select the Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General property page. Modify the Additional Include Directories property. You can specify more than one directory at a time in this property.

How do I include a directory in CMake?

First, you use include_directories() to tell CMake to add the directory as -I to the compilation command line. Second, you list the headers in your add_executable() or add_library() call. Do you really need to add headers to add_executable? I thought CMake figured out the include file dependencies automatically.

How do I set Copy to Output directory?

Set “Build Action” to “Content”, and then – select an appropriate value for “Copy to Output Directory” setting….8 Answers

  1. Right click on the project->Properties.
  2. Common Properties->Build Events.
  3. Set Post-Build Event Command Line to: xcopy /y $(ProjectDir)my_file.ini $(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)
  4. OK and build!

Where is the build directory?

In Qt creator, and in the ‘Projects’ tab; under ‘Build’ there is the ‘Build directory’.

Where is the project directory in Microsoft Visual Studio?

Usually a Visual Studio project directory is a sub-directory of a solution directory. However, it doesn’t need to be. E.g. you can add a project to multiple solutions. For any given project, in the project settings the location of the project directory is available via the $(ProjectDir)…

Where are the VC + + directories in VS2010?

VC++ Directories are no longer supported in VS2010 through Tools->Options page. Instead, VS2010 introduces the user settings file (Microsoft.cpp. .users.props) to control global settings including Global search path. These files are located at $(USERPROFILE)\\appdata\\local\\microsoft\\msbuild\\v4.0 directory.

How to add include directories in Visual Studio?

· In the property page window, click on “VC++ Directories” (for example) in the left pane, add new paths for the directories such as “Include Directories”. · Make sure to save the settings before shutting down Visual Studio. · Re-launch Visual Studio and the new settings will be in effect.

Where do I find the VC + + directories property page?

Right-click on a project node (not the top-level solution) and choose Properties to open the Property Pages dialog box. Select the Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories property page. VC++ Directories properties apply to a project, not the top-level solution node.

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