What is Dundas dashboard?

What is Dundas dashboard?

Dundas BI is an enterprise-ready Business Intelligence (BI) platform for creating and viewing interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards and more. You can deploy Dundas BI as the central data portal for your organization, or integrate it into an existing website as part of a custom BI solution.

Is Domo a data visualization tool?

Domo’s data visualization software lets you see data from any corner of your business in one easy-to-use platform. But it doesn’t end there—Domo connects directly to data right where it lives and feeds your critical metrics with real-time information, so you can make faster, better-informed decisions.

Is Sisense a data visualization tool?

Sisense’s data visualization software gives you a way to graphically represent your data to communicate large data sets clearly and efficiently.

What is the benefit of a dashboard?

Dashboards go beyond being a one-stop-shop display. They are a high level summary of your business that allow you to easily spot trends, problems, and opportunities. They provide a host of business benefits just by allowing the right people to see the right information in real-time.

Was Henry Dundas an abolitionist?

This was despite a large-scale publicity campaign on both sides of the Atlantic to rebrand him as an abolitionist. Dundas secured support for a 1792 bill from William Wilberforce to end the slave trade — but only by securing an amendment that abolition would be “gradual”.

Who are Domo’s competitors?

Top 10 Domo Alternatives & Competitors

  • Looker.
  • Sisense.
  • Qlik Sense.
  • MicroStrategy.
  • Cognos Analytics with Watson.
  • GoodData.
  • QlikView.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Is Excel a good visualization tool?

Just as Excel can perform basic data analysis functions, it has a surprising number of data visualization tools under the hood. “Excel isn’t explicitly a data visualization tool, it’s a spreadsheet,” says Excel developer and consultant Jon Peltier. However, one of Excel’s strengths is its flexibility, he adds.


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