Where is Schriesheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany?

Where is Schriesheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany?

Schriesheim is a town located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, west of Mannheim and north of the city of Leimen . Schriesheim belongs, like the city of Mannheim to the warmest part of Germany. The amount of precipitation increases from west to east and ranges between 650 und 800 mm.

Is there a mosque in Schriesheim, Germany?

Since the beginning of the 19th century, there were increasing numbers of Pietistic groups in Schriesheim and in 1895, Ludwig Grüber established a Baptist community. After the Second World War, a New Apostolic Community was formed in Schriesheim. A Muslim mosque is also located in Schriesheim, founded by immigrants.

How big was the Jewish community in Schriesheim?

In 1858, the Jewish community reached its peak with 125 members, only to shrink, primarily because of emigration to the United States and relocation to the kind of big cities Frankfurt and Mannheim. At the start of 1933, only 38 Jews were still living in Schriesheim, almost all of whom specifically had left by 1938.

How is the mayor of Schriesheim chosen in Germany?

The mayor is chosen by direct ballot for a term of 8 years. In the run-off election at the end of 2005, Hansjörg Höfer ( alderman of the “Green List” party) narrowly won with 50,62 percent of the vote over Peter Rosenberger (supported by the CDU, FDP and “Free Constituents” parties) with 49,19 percent.

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