What is Lorenzo Snow known for?

What is Lorenzo Snow known for?

Lorenzo Snow (April 3, 1814 – October 10, 1901) was an American religious leader who served as the fifth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1898 until his death. Snow was the last president of the LDS Church in the 19th century and the first in the 20th.

How many wives did Lorenzo Snow?

The LDS Church online genealogy records indicate Lorenzo Snow had 10 wives and 46 children. Lorenzo Snow and his second wife, Mary Adeline Goddard, were first cousins. In addition, Mary Adeline had married first George Washington Henderickson and had three children before she married Lorenzo Snow Mary Adeline Goddard.

Is Lorenzo Snow related to Erastus Snow?

Snow was an outstanding leader and directed the settlements in southern Utah for many years. Sanpete Academy was renamed Snow College in 1902 in honor of Erastus Snow and LDS Church president Lorenzo Snow. Snow served as a member of the LDS Church’s Quorum of Twelve Apostles from 1849 until his death in 1888.

Who were Wilford Woodruff wives?

In 1852, Woodruff married Mary Giles Meeks Webster and Clarissa Henrietta Hardy, but Mary died that same year and Clarissa divorced him a year later. In 1853, he was sealed to two more women, Emma Smith, age 15, and Sarah Brown, age 19.

How old was Brigham Young’s youngest wife?

Chart of wives

no. Marriage date and Young’s age at marriage Children
1 October 8, 1824 (aged 23) 2 with Young
2 February 1834 (aged 32) 6 with Young
3 June 14, 1842 (aged 41) 7 with Young, 3 with Seeley
4 November 2, 1843 (aged 42) None with Young, 8 with Cobb

Where was Lorenzo Snow born?

Mantua Township, Ohio, United States
Lorenzo Snow/Place of birth

Did Joseph Smith marry Eliza Snow?

Snow was married to Joseph Smith as a plural wife and was openly a plural wife of Brigham Young after Smith’s death. Snow was the second general president of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), which she reestablished in Utah Territory in 1866.

How many wives did Erastus Snow have?

four wives
Erastus Snow had four wives, 23 sons, and 13 daughters. One of Snow’s daughters, Elizabeth, became the wife of Anthony W. Ivins and the mother of Antoine R. Ivins.

Who taught the Gospel to Wilford Woodruff?

Elder Zera Pulsipher
Wilford Woodruff’s search ended when he was 26 years old. On December 29, 1833, he heard a sermon preached by Elder Zera Pulsipher, a Latter-day Saint missionary.

Who converted Wilford Woodruff?

On April 26, 1839, while standing on the temple site in Far West, Brigham Young ordained Wilford Woodruff an Apostle. Afterward, as directed by revelation, they departed on their missions to Great Britain (see D&C 118:5–6).

When did Lorenzo Snow come to Brigham City?

In 1853, under the direction of church president Brigham Young, Snow brought additional settlers to Brigham City, Utah. Settlement had begun on a limited scale at this site under the name “Box Elder.”.

Where did Lorenzo Snow do most of his work?

Snow worked briefly in the Manchester area, and had success in Birmingham, where he baptized people in Greet’s Green and organized a branch in Wolverhampton. Snow was assigned to preside over church members in London. During his administration, church membership in the city increased from approximately 100 to 400 members.

Where did Lorenzo Snow read the Book of Mormon?

The Snow family was Baptist, but soon took a strong interest in the new religious movement. Snow recorded that he heard the Book of Mormon being read aloud in his home in Mantua and met Smith at Hiram in 1831. By 1835, Snow’s mother and his older sister, Eliza, had joined the Latter Day Saint church.

What was the name of Lorenzo Snow’s wife?

Before leaving Nauvoo, Snow accepted the principle of plural marriage and took two wives. Later, he took seven more. Charlotte Squires (19 November 1825 Ohio – 25 September 1850). Married October 1844. Mary Adaline Goddard (8 March 1812 Connecticut – 28 December 1898). Married 1845. Sarah Ann Prichard (29 November 1826 Ohio – 30 November 1900).

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