What is meant by non functional upgradation?

What is meant by non functional upgradation?

NFU, also known as non-functional financial upgradation, is a provision that allows officers a raise in salary and perks in keeping with the pay grade of the next rank when they cannot be promoted because of a lack of vacancies.

What is non functional promotion?

Nonfunctional promotion is generally tenure based without any relationship with existing vacancy. In nonfunctional promotion the normal method of pay fixation is placement in the higher pay scale without any fixation benefit. But such treatment is often waived by the Government by special order.

What is non functional pay scale?

4.1 In organised Central Group `A’ Services, there is a non-functional selection grade in the pay scale of Rs.14300-18300. This is inter-mediary scale between the pay scales corresponding to Junior Administrative Grade (Rs.12000-16500) and Senior Administrative Grade (Rs.18400-22400).

What is NFFU and Ogas?

In its order, the Supreme Court of India ruled that all CAPFs would be granted better pay benefits or Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFFU), and the status of Organised Group ‘A’ Services (OGAS).

Is NFU a promotion?

2016. (iv) After the grant of NFU to AAOs in Pay Level-9 and their Pay Fixation under Rule 13 of CCS (RP) Rules 2016, there will be no further pay fixation on promotion. (v) NFU will be reckoned for financial up gradation under MACP Scheme.

What is NFU and NFSG?

In cases where the basic pay in parent cadre has been upgraded (upto Level 13 A) on account of Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU), Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP), Non Functional Selection Grade (NFSG), etc., and the officer has opted for such upgraded pay of the parent cadre, in that event, the …

What is the difference between functional and non functional promotion?

For functional promotion, all normal rules will apply but for non functional promotion, there will be no pay fixation except addition of difference of Grade Pay at the time of NF promotion.

What is financial upgradation?

The scheme aimed at granting two financial upgradations on completion of 12 years and 24 years of regular higher pay scale/grant of financial benefits through financial upgradation only to the government servant on personal basis; meaning thereby.

What is financial upgradation under ACP scheme?

The financial upgradations under the ACP Scheme is placement in the higher Pay Scale and financial benefits in the higher Pay Scale without regular promotion. Under the financial upgradation, grant of financial benefits under the ACP Scheme to the government servants concerned is on personal basis.

Is Ogas granted to CAPF?

First is the issue of salaries. The Sixth Pay Commission accorded all Organised Group A Service (OGAS) with Non-Functional Financial Upgrade (NFFU), that is, a rise in pay irrespective of vacancies in the next promotional pay scale. The Supreme Court in February 2019 accorded OGAS status to six CAPFs.

Is NFFU granted to CAPF?

The Supreme Court had, in February 2019, extended the status of organised group ‘A’ services to the CAPF officers and granted them NFFU, thereby putting an end to their decade-long battle to attain parity in terms of pay and promotions with their IPS counterparts.

How many members does the NFU have?

Our strength is in our numbers. With in-excess of 55,000 members, we are heard when it counts – locally, nationally and internationally. Every single member matters and makes the NFU stronger. A stronger NFU can be more influential, achieve more and give us a more powerful and unified lobbying voice.

When to use Non Functional Upgradation in the Army?

Non-functional up-gradation to the next higher grade pay granted under the scheme is a fall back option only, to be applied in cases where officers of a particular Service have not been granted promotion to a particular grade in normal course according to the due procedure. “These recommendations have been implemented only from 1.1.2006.

Is the benefit of NFU to organized group a services applicable?

The benefit of NFU to Organized Group A Services shall not be applicable to the officers in those Organized Services where FCS and DACP Schemes are already operating and where officers are already separately covered by their own in-situ Career Progression Schemes.

Can You Mix Non Functional Upgradation with in situ promotion?

Non-Functional Upgradation and other in situ promotion schemes are separate schemes and it would not be desirable to mix one with the other.

How does Non Functional Upgradation affect grade pay?

A Service, who are posted under the Central Staffing Scheme are concerned, they will be granted one additional increment on account of the non-functional up-gradation, but their grade pay will remain unchanged on the ground that they are holding a particular post with a specific grade pay under the Central Staffing Scheme.

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