Is Katana in the Arrow?

Is Katana in the Arrow?

Arrow Season 8 may be without a couple series regulars, but there will be several familiar faces popping up. The latest returning guest star is Rila Fukushima, who played Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana in Season 3. She’ll be appearing in Episode 2 of the final season, “Welcome to Hong Kong,” reported.

Who is Katana husband?

Becoming Katana Tatsu Yamashiro (山城 たつ) was an average Japanese girl, save for her proficiency in the martial arts, a trait encouraged by her parents. Two brothers—Maseo and Takeo Yamashiro—both proclaimed their love for her. While she liked both, she chose Maseo as her husband.

Who is Katsu in Arrow?

Rila Fukushima (福島 リラ, Fukushima Rira) is a Japanese fashion model and actress best known for her comic book roles in film and TV and has appeared in projects such as the superhero film The Wolverine (2013) as Yukio, the TV series Arrow as Tatsu Yamashiro, and Ghost in the Shell (2017) as the Red Robed Geisha.

Who killed Maseo arrow?

‘Arrow’: Maseo Dies, Killed by Tatsu — Season 3 Recap | TVLine.

Is katana in the Suicide Squad 2021?

Katana. In Suicide Squad, Katana is the last character to join the team and the only one to volunteer. Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) introduces her to Task Force X aboard the helicopter to Midway City as his personal bodyguard.

Is Rila Fukushima Japanese?

Rila Fukushima is a Japanese model-turned-actress, known internationally for her roles in The Wolverine and Ghost in the Shell.

What does El Diablo turn into?

Transformation: El Diablo can transform at will into a tall, flaming skeleton avatar with a demon-like appearance, whose size and power rival those of Incubus. This is likely part of the powers of a minor wrath of vengeance that were bequeathed to him by Lazarus Lane.

Who is the creator of the katana in Arrow?

A katana, is Japanese sword that was created by Ichiro Yamashiro back in the times of mid-17th century of Japan, it has been passed throughout generations of Yamashiro family, eventually ending up in the hands of Ichiro’s descendant, Maseo Yamashiro. After Maseo joined the League of Assassins the sword ended up in the possession of his wife, Tatsu.

Who is Tatsu Yamashiro in the Arrowverse?

Tatsu is also the widow of the late Maseo Yamashiro and the mother of the late Akio Yamashiro. She later became a guardian of the Lotus as part of the Crescent Order. After giving the Lotus to Nyssa al Ghul, Tatsu left the Order and returned to Hong Kong to be its protector.

What did Tatsu Yamashiro use the katana for?

Tatsu used the katana to defeat her husband, Maseo. The sword was used by Maseo Yamashiro in his missions for A.R.G.U.S., before he abandoned it, along with his family, following the death of his son Akio Yamashiro, taking on the name “Sarab” as part of the League of Assassins, using Assassin weaponry now.

What is the name of the katana in DC Comics?

In the DC comics, the katana is known as Soultaker and has mystical powers. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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