Is Kirby CMS free?

Is Kirby CMS free?

Kirby is a self-hosted CMS. You have to bring your own hosting and domain on which you will run Kirby. The license is a one-time payment, there is no subscription, no yearly or monthly fees.

What is Kirby web?

Kirby (or Get Kirby) is a flat-file or flat-based CMS: this means it does not require a database or a server-side connection and is therefore quick and easy to migrate. In simple terms, Kirby is streamlined, with extremely fast downloads and no server queries, making it a perfect solution for mobile-first websites.

What is Kirby database?

Kirby is a flat-file CMS which is based on text files and assets organized in nested folders. That makes it really easy to work with. They made it easy to connect to any datasource like a SQL database, REST API or spreadsheet and create virtual pages on the frontend.

Is Kirby CMS good?

Pros: very easy to learn file based, doesn’t need a database very flexible (API!) Kirby has increasingly become our CMS of choice, due to its flexibility, gentle learning curve, incredible speed, and outstanding community. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

What does the name Kirby mean?

The name Kirby is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means From The Village With The Church.

Why is Statamic?

Statamic stores all of your content, templates, assets, and settings in files instead of a database. You can see them, touch them, edit them in any editor of your choosing, and even email them to a colleague. This allows us to version control your entire website.

Is Kirby a girl’s name?

The name Kirby is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “church settlement”. Unisex name around for several decades for boys and now ripe for girls.

What is Statmic?

Statamic is a transformer. It adapts to your needs, growing with you and your site. There’s no database until you need one. It’s a front-to-back CMS until you need to go headless. It’s dynamically powered by PHP & Laravel until you need to go static.

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