What kind of game is Terraria on Stampylonghead?

What kind of game is Terraria on Stampylonghead?

Terraria was a series that was broadcast weekly on the stampylonghead channel. The series is a ‘Sandbox Series’ which means the episodes are created with no real objective or mission, much like the Lovely World videos. As the title suggests all videos are set inside the Xbox 360 video game ‘Terraria’, the 2D survival game by ‘Re-Logic’.

Who is the most popular Terraria YouTuber?

The first episode holds a Guinness World Record for being the “Most viewed Terraria video”, with over 9.5 Million views. Stampy is considered one of the most popular YouTubers that play Terraria. His playthrough has over 300 million views, making him the most viewed Terraria YouTuber.

What do you need to know about sleeping in terraria?

There must be no enemies close by, in an area of 350 pixels. While sleeping, a star-filled background will be shown. While sleeping, a remix of Space (Console) will be played. Players are unable to perform any action while sleeping, but they are able to jump out of their beds at any time to wake themselves.

How many views does stampylongnose have on YouTube?

His playthrough has over 300 million views, making him the most viewed Terraria YouTuber. It is his second most-viewed playthrough, behind Minecraft with over 5 billion views. After Stampy transferred to 1.3 on the Xbox One, he lost his access to Stampy’s Wonderful World and can no longer fight Ocram.

Who was the first boss Stampy defeated in terraria?

Terraria has several bosses and events that Stampy came across. Ocram (first fought episode 143; first defeated episode 145) (no longer available as of episode 165) The first boss Stampy defeated was the Eye of Cthulu in episode 11. He defeated it with the help of HICKSTERMAB.

Who was defeated in episode 147 of stampylongnose?

In episode 147, Stampy defeated the Golem. In episode 143-145, Stampy fought Ocram. Ocram despawned in episodes 143 and 144, and Stampy lost in episode 145, but defeated him that same episode. In episodes 159-161, Stampy fought Duke Fishron and died.

How many episodes of stampylongnose are there?

The series currently has 163 episodes and 7 livestreams as of 19th March 2020. The series is unconfirmed to be discontinued, but the delay may just mean he is waiting for the 1.3 console update. This however is very unlikely to occur due to the Xbox 360 version (the console he plays the game on) being no longer supported by developer Re-Logic.

What kind of Worlds does Stampy play in?

Stampy has played primarily on two worlds in the series. One was “Stampy’s Wonderful World”, the world he had played in during the series’ run on the Xbox 360. The other was the “World of Wonder”, his new and the current world that he plays on upon the transfer of his character to Xbox One.

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