How do you teach creative problem solving?

How do you teach creative problem solving?

The Creative Problem-Solving ProcessClarify: Before beginning to seek creative solutions to a problem, it is important to clarify the exact nature of that problem. Ideate. Explore new ideas to answer the questions raised. Develop. The focus here shifts from ideas to solutions. Implement.

How do you implement problem solving in the classroom?

Principles for teaching problem solvingModel a useful problem-solving method. Problem solving can be difficult and sometimes tedious. Teach within a specific context. Help students understand the problem. Take enough time. Ask questions and make suggestions. Link errors to misconceptions.

How can I improve my creative thinking?

6 Ways to Boost Your Creative ThinkingConsume content that’s way outside your comfort zone. Write a 500 word article with no topic whatsoever. Go see a movie in a movie theater. Take a phone call with someone you don’t know. Eat differently. Do the “No Bad Ideas Brainstorming” exercise.

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