What does the quote Know thyself mean?

What does the quote Know thyself mean?

Presumably, it means to know, first and foremost, one’s own character and it is important because only by knowing one’s character can one be aware of one’s limitations and avoid likening oneself to the gods.

Where does the quote Know thyself come from?

By Plato. Plato, another student of Socrates, employs the maxim ‘Know Thyself’ extensively by having the character of Socrates use it to motivate his dialogues.

How do you start self reflection?

15 Ways to Practice Self-ReflectionIdentify the Important Questions. Meditate. Journal. Do A Writing Exercise. Take a Walk In Nature. Talk to Yourself Out Loud. Perform Breathing Exercises. Read.

How do you reflect a year?

It is a good time to reflect on where you have been. As well, plot where you are going in the future….How Was Your Year?Where did you succeed? What did you enjoy most? Where did you fail? What regrets do you have? What lessons did you learn? What will you do differently?

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