Does it matter when you submit your application?

Does it matter when you submit your application?

So clearly, it doesn’t matter if you get your application in earlier. The fact is, they want to be able to tell their administration that their numbers look great this year, and be able to predict student life and academic needs for the next year, which is why they push for the apps to be in so early.

What to know about a college before applying?

13 Things to Know Before Applying to CollegeIt’s cool to do well in school. Start researching early. Visit colleges, if you haven’t already. Don’t get too hung up on college rankings. Consider taking both the SAT and the ACT. Take the SAT and/or the ACT twice. Get in touch with an admissions counselor at the school(s) you’re applying to.

Is college free after a certain age?

Under this rule, seniors age 62 and older can enroll in any “degree program” at a state university or community college without paying for tuition. Although tuition is free for these older students, state colleges and universities can charge them university or activity fees.

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