How do you cite just one source in APA?

How do you cite just one source in APA?

2 Answers. Just once at the end of the last sentence. The only reason you would need to cite the same source twice is if you refer to it in different places in the text. If all the information from one source is sequential, you only need to cite once.

How do you cite ancient sources in APA?

Generally, when citing ancient texts, you will use the following format: [Author], [Title] [Book/Section. (Poem, if applicable).] [Line numbers cited.]

What are the numbers at the end of APA citation?

Page numbers also appear in reference entries for book chapters, journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, if available. In the reference list entry, the page numbers indicate the start and end page of the entire article. If the document doesn’t have a page number, omit the page range from the reference list entry.

Is there a period at the end of APA citation?

The punctuation for the sentence goes AFTER the parenthesis. If your quote is forty words or more, set it off in a block text by beginning a new line, indenting one inch, and do not add quotation marks. At the end of the quote put the period after the last word of the sentence followed by the parentheses.

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