What type of character is Connie in Where Are You Going Where have you been?

Fifteen-year-old Connie is a stereotypical teenage girl: rebellious, superficial, and vain, she often lies to her mother about where she’s going and where she’s been.

What does Arnold Friend do to Connie?

These are all parts of his attempt to manipulate Connie into coming out of her house so that he can abduct her and, it is implied, rape and murder her. Over the course of their disjointed conversation, there are references to biblical verses and Friend demonstrates an uncanny knowledge of Connie’s personal life.

What happens to Connie in the end?

In the original cut of Midsommar that most saw in theaters, the supporting character of Connie (Ellora Torchia) just kind of disappears from the film partway through. Her body is seen at the end as one of the nine human sacrifices the Harga are making, so it’s clear she died, but not clear how.

What role does music play in Connie’s life?

Connie mistakes music as a sacred force of protection because it gives her pleasure, failing to realize that it is actually a force of self- destruction. Oates uses music to transition between Connie’s two lives: the dull one that she lives with her family, and the exciting public one she lives with her friends.