What colleges have no application fee?

What colleges have no application fee?

Carleton College. 4 Year. Northfield, MN. United States Military Academy at West Point. 4 Year. West Point, NY. Colby College. 4 Year. Waterville, ME. Wellesley College. 4 Year. Wellesley, MA. Macalester College. 4 Year. Saint Paul, MN. Tulane University. 4 Year. New Orleans, LA. Grinnell College. 4 Year. Grinnell, IA. Smith College. 4 Year.

What do you need to get into Tcnj?

With a GPA of 3.66, TCNJ requires you to be above average in your high school class. You’ll need at least a mix of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B’s. You can compensate for a lower GPA with harder classes, like AP or IB classes.

Is Tcnj a hard school?

TCNJ has a reputation for being extremely difficult academically, as each course requires intenstive work and study. However, being a student at this school has enriched my life so much. If you want a phenomenal education, dedicated professors, and an academic challege, this most certainly is the best school for you.

What are the easiest schools to get into?

Popular Colleges with High Acceptance RatesRankCollegeAcceptance RateRank 1College University of KentuckyAcceptance Rate 90.79%Rank 2College University of KansasAcceptance Rate 93.01%Rank 3College Kansas State UniversityAcceptance Rate 94.07%Rank 4College Iona CollegeAcceptance Rate •

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