A Breakdown of GMAT Scoring and Percentiles

A Breakdown of GMAT Scoring and Percentiles

As one grows up and ventures into different careers an individual quickly finds out the realization of their dream is just a test away. For many people, especially those who want to embark on business-related fields and want to stand out during the admission process for the schools of their choice, the GMAT is that test. The GMAT is a test that is usually required for those who want to pursue an MBA and it is usually valid for five years. It is a computer-based test and is designed to test the student in the following areas:


Verbal Reasoning: This section tests if you are able to understand written and read materials and are able to identify and correct any errors found. This section is comprised of 36 questions and its score range is 6-51.

Quantitative Reasoning: This section tests whether you can analyze data and deduce relevant conclusions using reasoning skills. This section has the same score range as verbal reasoningbut it has 31 questions.

Integrated Reasoning: Here they want to see if you can evaluate and study data presented in multiple formats. This section has 12 questions and has a score range of 1-8.

Analytical Writing Assessment: This section measures whether you are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas in an understandable manner. This section only has one question and its score ranges from 0-6.

The entire GMAT score ranges from 200-800. After the exam, you will receive your unofficial results of all the sections except the analytical writing assessment section, and after around three weeks you will be notified via email that your official scores are ready. This report will include your score for analytical writing assessments, your personal data, your GMAT percentile rankings, and the scores of any GMAT tests you have taken in the past five years.


Each test section including your total scores has a percentile ranking. Percentiles usually show how better you performed than other students who took the same test in terms of percentage. For instance, scoring 55th percentile in quantitative reasoning shows you performed better than 55% of people that took that same test with you.

All this information may sound overwhelming and a bit frightening to aspiring studentsespecially the younger students who have not been exposed to standardized computer tests like this or to the mature students who are joining or rejoining the academic arena. Fear not, because, with some proper preparation and GMAT tutoring, you will be fully prepared for exam day.

GMAT tutors are able to help students understand the structure of the GMAT test. They are

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