Secure Your Future After B Tech with More Than Just Placements!

Secure Your Future After B Tech with More Than Just Placements!

The number one worry for someone getting a B Tech admission is that they fear a lack of job after their course. The competition in the field of B tech is fierce as it is considered a prestigious course in India, making it highly pursued by students while seeking higher studies. Even after you get through B tech admission, it becomes challenging to get through the placement process.

When students fail to get through placements, they tend to get disheartened and demotivated. Even after getting B tech admission and eventually graduating, they end up doing jobs out of their career field. However, instead of fretting over not getting placed, students should get focused on studying further.

Pursuing further studies after your B Tech studies is highly beneficial. Here are a few reasons why you should not lose heart and choose to do further studies if you fail to get through placements.

  • You Skills Get Developed

When you choose to pursue further studies after you B tech, you work towards enhancing your skills. These improved skills help you get an in-depth knowledge of your field, making you a professional. This opens doors to a lot more opportunities for you as an engineering professional.

  • You Get More Opportunities

As mentioned above, you become a skilled professional when you choose to pursue further studies. With developed skills, you become more desirable in the job market as you have a higher knowledge base. Doors to better opportunities with a reputable position and exceptional financial stability open.

  • A Chance for More Exposure

Experience is essential when you are in the field of engineering. After your B tech graduation, when you choose to do higher studies, you will also get opportunities to do internships. These internships provide you with plenty of exposure and first-hand experience to your field of interest. This makes you even more skilled and wanted in the job market later.

A University that Cares About Students

It is common for anyone who gets a B tech admission to be worried about their future and career. The competition is getting even more fierce with every passing year. In instances like these, sitting for placements becomes a challenging ordeal as it is a tedious process, and not every student gets placed. If a student fails to get through the placement process, most universities take no responsibility. This pushes the student to do odd jobs that are not aligned to their specialization.

However, one university that has broken the trend and taken responsibility for students who don’t get through their placement process is UPES. The university has companies like HCL, TCS, Infosys, Amazon, Accenture, and many more that are present during the placement process. In case you don’t get placed with any of the companies that appear for placements, then UPES will take responsibility for your further studies. UPES has teamed up with global academic partner institutions to provide students that don’t get placed a chance to go overseas for further studies. These institutes are spread across the globe in countries like UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, Germany, and many more.

Students don’t need to spend from their pocket as the cost of education as a 100% fee waiver will be incurred for your post-graduation at Global academic partner institutions. That’s not all you can also opt to do free professional online courses from AWS, IMB, Tableau, and This opportunity gives students a chance to grow, gain experience, and polish their skills even further. Now you don’t need to worry about your career after B tech admission as UPES has you covered.

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