How do antibody capture beads work?

How do antibody capture beads work?

Compensation beads capture species-specific antibodies conjugated to fluorophores and other types of reagents. The purpose of these beads is to set voltages and gating parameters for obtaining accurate fluorescence signal. Creating large multicolor immunophenotyping panels to set accurate single-color compensation.

What are beads used for in flow cytometry?

Compensation beads are used to help set reliable and precise flow cytometer gating and voltage constraints to account for fluorescence spillover, which occurs when a fluorophore emits photons in multiple detectors.

What are calibration beads?

The MACSQuant Calibration Beads are designed for routine calibration of the MACSQuant. Flow Cytometers. These calibration particles are 2 and 3 μm in size and enable the adjustment of the voltage settings.

What are QC beads?

QC-Beads are suspensions of latex beads for quality control of counting sperm using manual and automated methods. For in vitro diagnostic use only (FDA Approved).

What are counting beads for?

AccuCheck Counting Beads These two fluorospheres are used as a double internal standard for blood volume calculation. Because the concentration of beads is known, the number of cells per microliter (the absolute count) is obtained by relating the number of cells counted to the total number of fluorescent bead events.

What are the Invitrogen arc amine reactive compensation beads?

The Invitrogen ArC Amine Reactive Compensation Beads were developed with the same laser compatibility and two-vial format as AbC Total Antibody Compensation Beads, but were specifically designed for compensation of the Invitrogen LIVE/DEAD Fixable Dead Cell Stains.

When to use the ABC total antibody compensation bead kit?

The AbC™Total Antibody Compensation Bead Kit provides a consistent, accurate, and simple-to-use technique for the setting of flow cytometry compensation when using fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

What can a Dynabeads antibody coupling kit be used for?

Dynabeads® Antibody Coupling Kit allows easy coupling of an antibody of your choice to the surface of uniform, 2.8 µm superparamagnetic Dynabeads® M-270 Epoxy beads. Following immobilization of your antibody, the beads can then be used for experiments such as immunoassays, immunoprecipitation (IP), co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP)…

How does the ABC anti mouse bead kit work?

The AbC™ Anti-Mouse Bead Kit was developed to address this issue. View a selection guide for all flow cytometry compensation beads. Each kit provides polystyrene microspheres that have fluorescent antibody conjugate capture capacity (positive compensation beads) or are inert (negative compensation beads).

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