How do I get a new character in Grand Chase?

How do I get a new character in Grand Chase?

There are 4 empty slots available to the player upon account creation and additional characters can be created by using ‘Character Slot Open’ tickets that can be purchased from the Cash Shop or obtained from events. With an open slot, any character can be unlocked.

Is GrandChase free?

Grand Chase is a free side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. Enjoy exciting adventures in dungeons and PvP with 20 unique characters.

How do you unlock the Grand Chase in UNO?

He could only be unlocked by advancing him to Lv. 40 during an event period.

Is jellal a Sieghart?

Jellal Fernandes, a character that resembles Sieghart used and alias Siegrain, a close nod to Sieghart’s name. During a play in Fairy Tail chapter 70, Sieghart is briefly mentioned as the captor of an unnamed princess.

How many characters are there in Grand Chase?

There are twenty characters in Grand Chase. Each has their own unique way of fighting, and each possess unique skills in combat. Originally the game only contained three characters: Elesis the Knight, Lire the Archer, and Arme the Magician.

What kind of character is Sieghart in Grand Chase?

As the Ascendant God and his evil followers assault Bermesiah, his resolve is stronger than ever. With genius abilities, Sieghart is arrogant and lazy. However, he is a responsible person during combat.

What was the story of the Grand Chase?

The story was focused on the adventures of the Grand Chase, a group of heroes from the region of Bermesiah, who departed on a quest to chase down the evil queen Kaze’aze, a witch who used her magic powers to cause a civil war between Bermesiah’s kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan.

When did the game Grand Chase come out?

Grand Chase was created using the 2003 game engine, Gamebryo system. The official Korean server is released. This marks the beginning of Grand Chase. Elesis’ 2nd job, Spearman, is released on the Korean server. Lire’s 2nd job, Crossbowman, is released on the Korean server. Arme’s 2nd job, Alchemist, is released on the Korean server.

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