How much does CEBS certification cost?

How much does CEBS certification cost?

The cost to complete the program is approximately $4,000. This includes fees for course materials, registration and testing.

What is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist?

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist program is a five course curriculum covering an entire spectrum of employee benefits. It is designed to help individuals develop a comprehensive understanding of employee benefit principles and concepts.

What is CEBS designation?

The CEBS designation is a credential that is recognized for the depth and relevance of critical knowledge achieved. It draws from the GBA and RPA curriculum to build a total benefits perspective and is achieved by successfully completing all five required courses.

How long does it take to get GBA designation?

How long will it take to earn a designation? The CEBS program is designed so that you can complete the CEBS/GBA/RPA designations within a three-year time frame. Depending on personal/professional demands, you can determine how many courses you take each year and how long it will take you to finish the program.

What jobs can you get with CEBS?

Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Human Resources (HR) Director Range:$60k – $132k Average:$85,179
Benefits Director Range:$105k – $181k Average:$140,624
Benefits Analyst Range:$49k – $87k Average:$67,397
Senior Benefits Analyst Range:$54k – $94k Average:$71,489

How long does it take to earn Cebs?

Earning a CEBS certification takes approximately three years. Students can complete the course at their own pace, but the IFEBP occasionally changes the certification requirements. Past classes may not count toward future certifications.

Is Cebs hard?

The CEBS is a rigorous certification that requires years of study and completing college-level coursework from a highly regarded educational institution. It lets human resources professionals stand out as having extra education and skills in the administration of retirement plans and employee benefits.

How do you earn Cebs?

Earn your CEBS designation by successfully completing five required course exams. We recommend starting with GBA 1 or RPA 1 and work toward earning your Group Benefits Associate (GBA) or Retirement Plans Associate (RPA) on your path to the full CEBS.

Who are certified employee benefit specialists ( CEBs )?

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) designation is your bridge. Your Future, Powered by CEBS The CEBS designation delivers professional expertise supported by researched-based best practices with curriculums developed by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Dalhousie University.

Can a CEBs certification get you an interview?

Bottom line, having the CEBS designation may get you the interview but it doesn’t necessarily make you the most skilled employee benefits professional. And not being able to pass a CEBS exam doesn’t mean you aren’t a top-notch benefits pro. We were unable to load Disqus Recommendations.

What does it mean to be in compliance with CEBS?

CEBS Compliance means you are a leader in the profession. Maintaining CEBS Compliance helps you keep your professional skills sharp. It upholds the reputation of the CEBS designation and the community of benefits professionals who have earned it. Compliance standards, policies, recognition and reporting is administered by the CEBS program.

Which is more valuable, the CPC or the CEBs?

As far as prestige, the CPC is of course the most valuable; however, a combination of any of these designations illustrates your interest in the industry and usually a measure of your knowledge. CEBS is on the health and welfare side of things with which I have no experience.

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