What server is Graser on?

What server is Graser on?

private Cube SMP server
Graser is the co-creator of the private Cube SMP server, along with Straub, on which multiple YouTubers like to record together. Graser has often been to blame for members leaving the Cube, and the break-up of the friendship between himself and Thinknoodles.

What server is Grapeapplesauce on?

MCSG server
Grapeapplesauce is a Minecraft YouTuber who is famous for his Hunger Games videos, and is a member of both the UHC and Cube SMP Rosters. Grape mostly plays on the MCSG server, and has played on the Hive in the past.

Does graser10 have a girlfriend?

Graser is not currently in a relationship.

What is Xnestorio server IP?

Address: xnestor.io:25565 Version: 1.17.1 756. Login.

How old is Zachary Graser?

24 years (January 16, 1997)
Zachary Graser/Age

What is the Glade IP?

MCList | glade.gg:25565.

How do you play UHC?

Open the game Minecraft, click “Play” button then choose “Multiplayer” option from the menu. Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on “Join Server” button to play on Uhc server. Click “Add Server” tab and input the text 85.72. 151.150 on “Server Address” then hit “Done”.

What kind of server is the cube SMP?

Welcome to the Cube SMP, We are a 1.12 survival server. Our server is open 24/7 with a dedicated staff team.

Which is the best Minecraft server for SMP?

Minecraft Server List with SMP. Mox MC Minecraft ✨. A popular Minecraft server where everyone is welcome to join. moxmc.net. 1248 players. PURPLE PRISON 2021 BEST MINECRAFT SERVER. Advancius Network. | EndHo.tel | X 1.8->1.17 X. ToastCraft [1.17] [Map Wiped]

Who are the cube and what do they do?

The Cube is a group of video game commentators who record on a constant basis, and they share a passion for Minecraft. The origin of the Cube began with the Cube SMP.

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