How much does it cost to host the Commonwealth Games?

How much does it cost to host the Commonwealth Games?

The Games cost $11 billion and are the most expensive Commonwealth Games ever. It was the first time that the Commonwealth Games were held in India, also the first time that a Commonwealth republic hosted the games and the second time they were held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998.

How much money did the Commonwealth Games make?

Commonwealth Games Provides Over $1.86 Billion Economic Boost For Hosts. The Commonwealth Games Value Framework Report has evaluated the benefits and costs of hosting the Commonwealth Games, revealing staging the competition has consistently provided an economic boost of over $1.86 billion for host cities.

What are the economic benefits of the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has published a report outlining that the event has provided an economic boost of between £800 million ($980 million/€897 million) and £1.2 billion ($1.4 billion/€1.3 billion) for recent host cities, as well as contributing social and environmental benefits.

How much did the 2014 Commonwealth Games cost?

The Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Executive described Glasgow 2014 as ” the standout Games in the history of the movement”. The Games were delivered within a budget of £543 million.

Did the 2018 Commonwealth Games make a profit?

The total revenue for the games came in at just $38 million.

Did Gold Coast Commonwealth Games make a profit?

New data has revealed an extra $2.5 billion has been generated for the Queensland economy a year on from the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. More than 320 events have been held since a number of venues were erected for the games, injecting more than 61 million into the Gold Coast.

Did the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games make money?

It was a boom period for the Gold Coast and local businesses were benefiting. Although the boom was primarily the result of the $1.5bn invested by the Queensland Government. The impact of the Games has been estimated to be an increase in Gross State Product of $2 billion.

Which city will host 2018 Commonwealth Games?

Gold Coast
2018 Commonwealth Games/Location
The 2018 Commonwealth Games was awarded to Queensland’s Gold Coast after a decision by the 70 nations and territories in attendance at the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly in St Kitts and Nevis on Friday 11th November 2011.

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