Is no reservations a remake of Mostly Martha?

Is no reservations a remake of Mostly Martha?

“No Reservations” is that rare thing — an almost literal American remake of a foreign film, in this case writer-director Sandra Nettelbeck’s “Mostly Martha.” Which means that no one on this side of the Atlantic solved the problems of the original film, and therefore they carry over into this character-driven comedy …

Where does Mostly Martha take place?

Hamburg, Germany
Plot. Martha Klein (Martina Gedeck) is a chef at Lido, a gourmet restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. A perfectionist who lives only for her work, Martha has difficulty relating to the world other than through food.

Is Mostly Martha On Netflix?

It’s no longer on Netflix, and I was glad to find it on Amazon Video.

What’s the movie no reservations about?

Master chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones) runs her life and her kitchen with intimidating intensity. However, a recipe for disaster may be in the works when she becomes the guardian of her young niece (Abigail Breslin) while crossing forks with the brash sous-chef (Aaron Eckhart) who just joined her staff. Though romance blooms in the face of rivalry, Kate needs to look outside the kitchen to find true happiness.
No Reservations/Film synopsis

How old is Zoe in no reservations?

Ms. Breslin’s character, Zoe, is Kate’s smart, tough, 9-year-old niece, whose mother — Kate’s sister — dies in a car wreck.

What language is Mostly Martha in?

Mostly Martha/Languages

Is Aaron Eckhart married?

Eckhart has been engaged, but has never married. Nor, more crucially, has he settled down with an onscreen partner. He’s played against some big stars – Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts – but no one twice, never quite finding a Jennifer Lawrence to his Bradley Cooper.

Is there a remake of the movie Mostly Martha?

Remakes. A feature film based on Mostly Martha, retitled No Reservations, was released in the United States in 2007 starring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the role corresponding to Martha. Aaron Eckhart takes on the role corresponding to Mario in Mostly Martha with an American (rather than German/Italian) cultural tension.

Who are the actors in the movie Mostly Martha?

Mostly Martha (original German title: Bella Martha) is a 2001 German romantic comedy drama film written and directed by Sandra Nettelbeck and starring Martina Gedeck, Maxime Foerste, and Sergio Castellitto. Filmed in Hamburg, Germany, and Italy, the film is about a workaholic chef who is forced to adjust…

What was the soundtrack to the movie Mostly Martha?

Mostly Martha was filmed from March to May 2000 in Hamburg, Germany, and Italy. The soundtrack is composed mostly of music by artists from the ECM Records stable, including Keith Jarrett, Steve Reich, David Darling, and Arvo Pärt, with most compositions dating from the 1990s. Manfred Eicher, founder of ECM Records, is credited as music consultant.

Who is the voice of the German version of Mostly Martha?

In Martha’s enchanted kitchen, more than the food is starting to simmer. With some special ingredients they just might discover a recipe for passion. Sergio Castellitto ‘s German wasn’t good enough so Frank Glaubrecht was brought in to dub his voice for the German version.

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