Who owns Ortlieb?

Who owns Ortlieb?

Hartmut Ortlieb
J├╝rgen Siegwarth is the new CEO of Ortlieb. Together with company owner Hartmut Ortlieb, he has been the CEO of the bike and outdoor supplier from Heilsbronn since the beginning of 2018.

What are Ortlieb bags made of?

ORTLIEB’s outstanding waterproof quality is based on selected materials that are developed for specific applications. Such materials include polyester, nylon and Cordura fabrics that are coated on one or both sides.

Is Ortlieb waterproof?

ORTLIEB’s thermoplastic coatings meet extremely high waterproofing specifications, and are therefore far superior to most commercially available tent or backpack coatings.

How are waterproof bags made?

To make a waterproof bag, nylon is coated with other materials such as PVC and TPU (covered below). The quality of nylon ranges from 400D to 1680D. At 1680D, nylon is extremely strong, tear resistance and long lasting. This is the level of quality one should look for in a nylon bag.

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