How do I upgrade St a PI in SAP?

How do I upgrade St a PI in SAP?

Check the EWA report about the ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch to update. SAP will recommend upgrading the new version based on SAP Application. Once if you able to see that the ST-A/PI & ST-PI need to update and SAP recommeded. Then login into SAP and go to T-code SE38 and then execute program ‘RTCCTOOL ‘.

What is St-PI and ST a PI in SAP?

Service Tools for Applications Plug-In ST-A/PI Add-on ST-A/PI contains application-specific data collectors which contribute to data collections with SDCCN, to business process monitoring or change management in SAP Solution Manager. It contains analysis tools like application analysis ST14 and trace tools like ST12.

How do I run Rtcctool?

Use. The Service Preparation Check task serves as a reminder to run the Service Preparation Check (RTCCTOOL). This task notifies you to check whether any action needs to be taken in the system, for example, whether you need to implement new SAP Notes or perform a transport.

How do I download St-Pi?

ST-PI & ST-A/PI Installation, Upgrade & Support Packages

  1. Ensure your system backup is completed in-case the installation, upgrade is failed.
  2. Go to
  3. Update the tp and R3trans.
  4. Copy and extract all files downloaded into EPS/in directory using SAPCAR as SIDadm.

How do I install a saint addon?

Once uncarred packages are uploaded on to the server go to transaction SAINT > Installation Package > Load packages > From application server. In initial screen all installed components are displayed. Click on start to start installation process.

How do I update an addon in SAP?


  1. Call transaction SAINT.
  2. To start the installation process, choose Start.
  3. To search for additional installation packages in the current system’s EPS directory, choose Load.
  4. You can install several add-ons in one step by selecting the add-on packages to be installed at the same time.

What is Spau adjustments in SAP?

SPAU (adjustment of repository objects) SPAU is an important activity during the upgrade process( which processes SPDD, Unicode conversion etc. alongwith SPAU). During an upgrade or the import of a Support Package, existing objects of the SAP standard are overwritten with the objects redelivered.

What is SAP Sdccn?

Communication between the Service Data Control Center (SDCCN) in your SAP Solution Manager system, and those of the connected systems is by Remote Function Call (RFC) connection. The destination is usually created automatically for all connected systems, by the transaction SMSY in the SAP Solution Manager system.

How do I update spam Saints in SAP?


  1. Call Support Package Manager (transaction SPAM).
  2. Check if the SPAM update offered is newer than the one in your system.
  3. To import the most recent SPAM update, choose Support Package Import SPAM update . SPAM updates are automatically confirmed once they have been imported.

What is difference between spam and saint?

SPAM vs SAINT SAP What is the main difference between SPAM and SAINT. We know that spam is used for support package upgrade and saint for addons.

How do I add a new component in SAP?

Install the SAP Web IDE components by using the XSA Application Lifecycle Management GUI, the xs install command, or the HDBCLM tools. Note Make sure that the root name of the MTA extension file (. mtaext) is the same as that of the SAP WEB IDE component.

How do I upgrade a component in SAP?

Steps to Upgrade the Support Package:

  1. Step 1: Download Support Packs. Support Packages are available in SAP Support Portal, under
  2. Step 2: Loading Support Packages:
  3. Step 3: SPAM/SAINT Update:
  4. Step 4: Defining Queue.
  5. Step 5: Importing Queue.
  6. Step 6: Confirming Queue:

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