Who owns Zaliv III yacht?

Who owns Zaliv III yacht?

The 49.4m/162’1″ ‘Zaliv III’ motor yacht built by the Italian shipyard Mondo Marine is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by LUCA DINI Design & Architecture….Aspen Alternative.

Length 50m / 164’1
Interior Design LUCA DINI Design & Architecture

Who owns Rahil?

The yacht’s owner is Arkady Rotenberg.

Who owns monokini yacht?

Monokini is a motor yacht with a length of 44.0m. The yacht’s builder is Baglietto from Italy who delivered superyacht Monokini in 2013. The superyacht has a beam of 8.3m, a draft of 1.54m and a volume of 376 GT….Design.

Naval Baglietto S.p.A.
Exterior Francesco Paszkowski
Interior Alberto Mancini Yacht Design

Who owns Partygirl yacht?

Charles West
The 62.50 m (205.1 ft) superyacht Party Girl was launched by ICON Yachts at their yard in Harlingen. The interior design of Party Girl was done by Cristiano Gatto Design and the exterior work was done by Redman Whiteley Dixon….Party Girl (yacht)

Cayman Islands
Name Party Girl
Owner Charles West
Builder ICON Yachts

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