What is M0104?

What is M0104?

ANSWER 3: M0104 specifies the referral date, which is the most recent date that verbal, written, or electronic authorization to begin or resume home care was received by the home health agency.

What is M0102 Oasis?

Homecare Insider, November 1, 2010 The first data element, M0102, reads “Date of Physician-Ordered Start of Care (Resumption of Care): If the physician indicated a specific start of care (resumption of care) date when the patient was referred for home health services, record the date specified.”

What is an oasis assessment?

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) is a comprehensive assessment designed to collect information on nearly 100 items related to a home care recipient’s demographic information, clinical status, functional status, and service needs (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS], 2009a).

What is Oasis M0090?

The M0090 date becomes the last date that any collaboration or data collection occurs and must be done by the last day of the existing certification period. OASIS permits the extra time to gather data, but does not require an agency to take this extra time.

What is Oasis D in home health?

OASIS Background. As described by CMS, the Outcome and Assessment Information Set, or home health OASIS, “is a group of standard data elements…. designed to enable systematic comparative measurement of home health care patient outcomes at two points in time.

How many questions are on the Hhcahps survey?

About the survey: HHCAHPS is a 34-item questionnaire and data collection methodology to measure patients’ perceptions of their skilled home care.

What does Oasis mean in healthcare?

Outcome and Assessment Information Set
Reporting Home Health Quality using OASIS Data The instrument/data collection tool used to collect and report assessment data by home health agencies is called the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS).

What is Oasis M1033?

OASIS item M1033 Risk for Hospitalization identifies patient characteristics that may indicate the patient is at risk for hospitalization. The clinician should mark all that apply and must understand the time period under consideration for each item.

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