What is the pole of a basketball hoop called?

What is the pole of a basketball hoop called?

Post / Pole: Also called the support structure or standard, this is the vertical piece to which the backboard is attached. Depending on the model, our adjustable units can easily moved from as low 5’6” up to the full 10′ regulation basketball goal height.

What are the parts of a back board?

  • Backboard.
  • Ball.
  • Breakaway rim.
  • Court. Half court.
  • Key.
  • Net.
  • Possession arrow.
  • Whistle.

How tall should a basketball pole be?

10 feet
Throughout gyms, parks, and driveways around the world, basketball hoops are almost always 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground. Some leagues for young children play on shorter hoops, but from junior high schools through the professional leagues, the game is played on hoops of the standard 10-foot height.

How do you stabilize a basketball backboard?

Use anchors and ratchet strap (the best option) This is probably the best thing you can do to anchor down portable basketball hoop. You basically take two anchors and hammer them down on two opposite sides of a portable hoop. Then you thread through the strap, attach it to one end and tighten it up as you mean it.

How do you attach a backboard?

If you are using a mounting bracket, attach the board using bolts, nuts and washers. You will need a wrench to attach this. Tighten every bolt securely to ensure that the backboard will not move at all. If you are attaching it directly to a wall, use the pre-drilled holes in the backboard to drill it into the wall.

How do you make a basketball backboard?


  1. Cut plywood panels identically to size for the backboard.
  2. Cut (1) 2 x 8 piece so the length is the same as the width of the backboard.
  3. Glue, clamp, and screw the plywood panels together using the 1 and 1/4” screws.
  4. Sand the edges of the backboard so both panels are smooth and continuous.

How do I stop my backboard from shaking?

Avoid Narrow Vertical Brackets Some hoops have narrow brackets that attach to the backboard. This greatly minimizes stability and increases backboard shake. Here’s a hoop with narrow vertical arms that are more susceptible to back shake and movement from the ball or wind.

How do I stop my basketball backboard from shaking?

Available in both 60″ and 72″ backboard sizes, STBLZR Technology significantly reduces the “shake” of a basketball goal after a dunk or rebound and completely stabilizes the backboard of the goal at regulation height. After a shock to the goal, some units will violently shake for up to a minute before coming to a rest.

What size backboard do I Need?

One of the most important things you will need to consider is what size backboard you will need for your new basketball court. Backboard sizes vary in width from 48” wide all the way up to 72”, but for the sake of regular game play we recommend choosing backboard no smaller than 54” wide.

What is a standard basketball hoop?

The diameter of a standard basketball hoop is 45.72 cm which equals 18 inches. The top of the hoop is 10 feet (305 cm) above the ground. Regulation backboards are 72 inches (183 cm) wide by 42 inches (110 cm) tall. All basketballrims (hoops) are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter.

Where can you buy a basketball hoop?

Where to Buy. The best place to buy a portable basketball hoop is at a mass-market sporting goods store, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority. These places will offer the best variety, decent prices, and frequent sales. You can also take advantage of the sales associates at these stores, who are trained to give you an informed opinion on…

What are the dimensions of a basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop is circular in shape and has an inside diameter of exactly 18 inches from edge to edge. These 18 inches should be consistent from all point-to-point measurements that cross the exact center of the hoop.

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