How long after taking insulin should I check blood sugar?

How long after taking insulin should I check blood sugar?

It is important to test both before and about 2 hours after eating. This will let you know that you’ve given the right amount of insulin.

How often should glucose levels be monitored with the use of an insulin pump?

This system tests your glucose level every 5 minutes throughout the day and night through a CGM, and automatically gives you the right amount of basal insulin, a long-acting insulin, through a separate insulin pump. You will still need to test your blood with a glucose meter a few times a day.

How do you document blood sugar levels?

The level of glucose in the blood can be measured by applying a drop of blood to a chemically treated, disposable ‘test-strip’, which is then inserted into an electronic blood glucose meter. The reaction between the test strip and the blood is detected by the meter and displayed in units of mg/dL or mmol/L.

How do insulin pumps deliver insulin?

The pump, which is about the size of a smart phone or deck of cards, is worn on the outside of your body and delivers insulin through a tube (catheter), connected to a thin cannula, placed into the layer of fat under your skin, typically around your stomach area.

How do you store blood sugar logs?

Most blood sugar meters allow you to save your results and you can use an app on your cell phone to track your levels. If you don’t have a smart phone, keep a written daily record like the one in the photo. You should bring your meter, phone, or paper record with you each time you visit your health care provider.

How do you maintain diabetic logs?

When to use a blood sugar log sheet?

Use this weekly log sheet to record your blood glucose, insulin dose, carbohydrates, and notes relevant to your daily life (such as activity, stress, or sickness), to help understand how well your current diabetes care plan is working.

When to take a glucose log for diabetes?

Glucose Log. (Pills and/or once-daily insulin) This log allows you to record glucose before or after a meal, at bedtime, and overnight. Ask your provider how often you should test your glucose.

What do the gray boxes on a diabetes logheet mean?

The gray boxes denote alternating test/recording times in order to capture patterns throughout the day and night. Use this printable weekly logsheet to track your blood sugar patterns by recording your readings before all meals and snacks. Integrated Diabetes Services is the worldwide leader in one-on-one consulting for people who use insulin.

How do you record your blood sugar levels?

Test your blood glucose with a meter, record the time, and enter the result in the space marked “Blood Sugar.” Because the amount of carbohydrates eaten can have an effect on blood sugar levels, count and record the number of carbs for that mealtime in the space marked “Carbs.” Record if any medications that reduce blood sugar were taken.

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