Is Mark Hall-Patton married?

Is Mark Hall-Patton married?

He is married to Dr. Colleen Hall-Patton, a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at UNLV, and they are the parents of Joseph and Ellen Hall-Patton.

What happened to Mark on Pawn Stars?

After 14 years as the administrator for the Clark County Museum System, Mark Hall-Patton has retired. Over the years he’s found stardom, most notable for his reoccurring role on the hit reality TV show, “Pawn Star.”

Who is the bearded wonder on Pawn Stars?

Affectionately known as “The Beard of Knowledge,” Hall-Patton has appeared in 130 episodes of Pawn Stars – more than any of the other experts. With his distinctive beard and Amish-style hat, he’s the most recognizable museum director in the world. Thanks to the show, he’s become the face of America’s museums.

How old is Patton Hall?

Mark Hall-Patton, 66, will be retiring next month as the administrator for the Clark County Museum.

Who is Olivia rademann?

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How many history books does Mark Hall Patton have?

I’ve got a nickname for him: the Beard of Knowledge.” Hall-Patton is a voracious reader with 20,000 history books spread around his house. Through his work at various U.S. museums, he’s explored Native American collections and items that span the nation’s 238-year history.

Who is Mark Hall Patton from Pawn Stars?

Affectionately coined The Beard Of Knowledge, Mark Hall Patton is one of the most recognized experts to have appeared on Pawn Stars. An all around expert in 20th century artifacts, Patton is an administrator for two museums, and also appears on History Channel spinoff show, American Restoration.

Where can I find Mark Hall-Patton’s cardboard likeness?

Copy Link URL Copied! The Clark County Museum in Henderson, Nev., displays a cardboard likeness of curator Mark Hall-Patton to appease visitors who complain when he’s not around. Copy Link URL Copied!

Where is Mark Hall Patton in Boulder CO?

Mark Hall-Patton on the back of a caboose beside the former Boulder City Depot building at the Clark County Museum. He plans to retire this spring. (L.E. Baskow/rjmagazine) @Left_Eye_Images

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