How much should a 170 lb man bench?

How much should a 170 lb man bench?

Bench press average by weight

Body weight (lbs) Untrained Intermediate
148 110 170
165 120 185
181 130 200
198 135 215

What is the world record 17 year old bench press?

Because it was an international event, Tolman was eligible to compete with the world’s best and smashed the records for the T2 (16-17-year-old) category in the 90kg weight class, weighing it at 87kg. He succeeded with a 212.5kg squat, a 170kg bench press and a 260kg deadlift, which also won him the total word record.

Does Barotti bench press record?

1,105 pounds
In late June, 35-year-old Will Barotti made a jaw-dropping multiply equipped bench press of 1,105 pounds (501.2kg) and the biggest bench in history almost flew under the radar.

What percentage of the population can bench 225?

What percent of people can bench 225? So assuming most lifters arent as soft as the one’s I know, Ill estimate 6.75 million people on earth can bench over 225. That amounts to 0.1% of earth’s population, or one in a thousand people.

How much should a 170 pound man deadlift?

Male Deadlift Standards (lb)

BW Beg. Elite
150 152 455
160 166 479
170 180 502
180 193 525

What is the record for heaviest bench press?

The heaviest bench press in a single lift is 401.5 kg (885 lbs 2 oz) achieved by Blaine Sumner (b. 22 June 1987; USA) at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on 5 March 2016.

What’s the current world record for the bench press?

The current world equipped record (with shirt) is held by American Jimmy Kolb, at 508 kg (1,120 lb).

Who was the first person to bench press over 1, 000 lb?

Gene Rychlak is the first man to bench press over 1,000 lb with a lift of 1,004 lb (455 kg) in November. Scot Mendelson presses 457 kg (1,008 lb) (February 18) in a powerlifting exhibition called Fit Expo in Pasadena, California. Gene Rychlak presses 458 kg (1,010 lb) (December 16). Ryan Kennelly presses 470 kg (1,036 lb) (September 22–23).

What’s the standard weight for a bench press?

Note: these barbell standards include the weight of the bar, normally 20 kg / 44 lb. Female Bench Press Standards (lb)

What’s the world record for weight in a shirt?

The current world equipped record (with shirt) is held by American Will Barotti, at 501 kg (1,105 lb).

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