Is the Mixmaster good SAS 4?

Is the Mixmaster good SAS 4?

Overview. version’s, adding massive potential for many players. If augmented properly, the Mixmaster’s damage per second is enormous; when combined with its fairly large clip, can make this gun one of the very best in bringing down entire hordes of zombies.

How do you get black strongboxes in SAS 4?

Black Strongbox Key via a Nantonium Strongbox in Nightmare Mode, although they can also be obtained via rewards or be bought in the store for 20 NK coins/Kreds.

Is HIKS S300 good?

The HIKS S300 is very well received by all players for its sheer power and boss killing capabilities. It is able to dispatch weaker bosses with little effort and can even take down the despised Necrosis without significant difficulty.

What is the best gun in SAS 4?

Poison Claw – Weapon specially best for starters. This weapon is more reliable in low levels than stripper due to its high tenacious damage and reliabilty. You can pick race modded and tenacious for this one. Hornet – High powered, light, and fires fast than a car.

What can you do with augments in SAS?

They can be used to enhance augment grade or slots, remove augments, or increase the stats of a weapon from its base stats. crafting cost: 300,000 Alloy and 80,000,000 SAS4 cash (PC only, character level 35 required) Increases movement speed. +1.5% at level 1, then +0.75% every level after.

Which is the best DPS weapon for strong bosses?

IMO the 10*** Hotspot [Black] is the best dps weapon for any type of bosses. Yes, Heavy class is pretty good with a high-rps weapons such as Proposition, Hotspot because his Concussion skill is freaking amazing on bosses. IMO the 10*** Hotspot [Black] is the best dps weapon for any type of bosses.

What do augments do in zombie assault 4?

Augmentation is a new feature introduced in SAS: Zombie Assault 4. Augments are upgrades for guns and armor, and are bought to make said weapons and armors stronger and more useful. Sometimes, the weapon/armor comes with an already applied augment.

Which is the best augment to put in Hornet?

SKELETRONIZED: Best augment to put in your hornet, because that sh*t is heavy af. This can make proposition or hiks 3100 usable by assault or medic (not recommended tbh) because those have masteries with adaptive and can sacrifice it for skeletronized.

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