What is a wet dry filter for aquariums?

What is a wet dry filter for aquariums?

A wet/dry filter also referred to as a trickle filter or a bio-tower, is an anaerobic filtration method. For those of you that may not understand the term aerobic, it means occurring or living ONLY in the presence of oxygen. In other words, it can only work when oxygen is present.

Which filter is best for salt water?

Reverse osmosis has been suggested as the best way of distilling water for areas that have salty water. It has ultraviolet lamps that kill the bacteria and collects salt, chlorine, and pathogens in the water. This makes it ideal for home use.

Do saltwater tanks need special filters?

Filters and Filtration Gallon for gallon, saltwater aquariums require more filtration than freshwater aquariums. For the most part, saltwater critters need better water quality than freshwater critters. Canister filters work quite well in saltwater aquariums.

Is there a filter for salt water?

Desalination systems use multiple reverse osmosis membrane filters to increase the amount of purified product water produced per day.

Do saltwater aquariums need filters?

Also, you may need a filter if your saltwater aquarium does not include live rock, which has filtration properties. If you are housing sensitive fish or corals in your aquarium, you may need a filter in addition to your protein skimmer.

What is the best saltwater filter type?

The most popular type of biological aquarium filter is live rock. The rock is used inside the tank and colonized by beneficial bacteria that helps to filter the water. The very best saltwater aquarium filtration system is a sump based system.

What is wet dry filtration system?

A wet/dry filter, also known as a trickle filter, provides mechanical, biological and optionally chemical filtration for an aquarium. The wet/dry filter is the preferred filter for many aquarists because of the handy sump it contains.

What is salt water filtration?

A seawater filtration system of this type generally uses a matrix of nanoparticle-embedded porous polymer sheets that attract water molecules but repel other particles. When seawater passes through the porous membranes, salt and other undesirable particles are filtered out.

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