What is an evaluative summary?

What is an evaluative summary?

An evaluative summary includes your own opinion of the text (this is different to other summaries). In your evaluation you critically evaluate the material that you are reading. Make sure that you understand the text before writing your evaluative summary!

What are the parts of an evaluative essay?

Judgment, Criteria, and Evidence There are three key parts to an evaluative essay: The judgment, or your overall opinion. The criteria, or reasons why you’ve made your opinion. And last, evidence to support it.

What is difference between monitoring and evaluation?

The difference between monitoring and process evaluation is that monitoring usually takes place while the activity is being undertaken, while process evaluation usually takes place at the end. In any case, a good evaluation is based on good monitoring. Evaluation looks at the effects of activities.

What is the purpose of student evaluation?

The main aim of such evaluations is to monitor student perceptions of teaching and unit quality and to identify areas of good practice and areas needing improvement. The results of such evaluations are used by some institutions to review academic staff performance and to identify professional development needs.

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